Submit to Pencilstubs?

At Pencil Stubs Online we welcome all authors willing to submit for articles, short stories, serialized stories, and poetry.  We have operated Pencil Stubs Online for years at our own expense, slightly offset by donations and advertisements but we do not have the means to pay your for your contributions.  We can however promise you more exposure and you will retain full rights to whatever material you have written that we publish.  Several of our contributors have been contacted for reprint permissions and publishing deals directly due to the exposure they have received here.  We also allow comments on what we publish unless expressly asked not to, providing for compliments and constructive criticism.

Contributors who exhibit skills in commentary and submit regularly are often asked to join our family of columnists which allows for more freedom in publishing with us and greater exposure as we love to promote our columnists.  If we find ourselves in a "cash flow positive" situation in the future from advertisements or such we intend to share dividends with our columnists, so regular submissions and helping to promote Pencil Stubs Online could be a more profitable endeavor in the future beyond the non-financial benefits we can currently offer.  It is our hopes that our new blog type format with real-time publishing and exposure from social networking sites such as Facebook will gain us more readers and contributors and profit sharing with our columnists will soon become a reality.

If you would like to contribute to Pencil Stubs, please send an email to and attach your work in MS Word compatible format.  Also please use the body of the email to introduce yourself to us and tell us a little about what inspires your writing and why you would like to contribute to our publication.  Now in our 13th year online, we have rejected very few submissions.  Most of our contributors are not professional writers, they're just people with something to say and we are here to support you.  If we have concerns about what you have submitted, our editor will contact you make suggestions for revision before publishing, so don't be afraid of rejection.

We try very hard to maintain certain constraints on the subject matter of our approved submissions and material that is not of the following, while it may be quite good, will most likely not be approved for publishing with us.

We like light, humorous, thought provoking, and family safe material.

Therefore material that is inflammatory, political, erotic, derogatory or otherwise polarizing will not be published by us.  That is not to say it wouldn't appreciated by us privately, but we strive to maintain a peaceful and uplifting forum for our readers.