Tuesday, March 1, 2016

You Gave Me Something

You gave me something
that I keep returning
Each time I give to you
It comes right back
From somewhere else
Or the other
From this person, or that

Though you –
You are each of these people
And everyone “Knows”
That you are not Mad
Just Different
and that beautiful world
you live within
when Dreams invade, so loudly
into the Silence of your wakening thoughts
the lightning of expression
within thunderous realisations
and beautiful insights

“the power that you gave away
returns to you, another way
do not chase, the way it went
for all your toil will be spent
stop and rest – catch your breath
there is no race – only Death”

you’ve done it before
don’t do it again
for there is no Reason
to be forced with
and there is no Force
that can be reasoned with
not in your Mind

there is no remote
control, you know
press Forward, not “Eject”
and make the minor adjustments
so the picture becomes clearer
and you step inside

The Dream.

©2016 Phillip Hennessy

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