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November 2013

"At the end of the day, I stood in there and I fought and that’s all you can ask for." - Brandon Carr of the Dallas Cowboys.

That is actually what the Cardinals did trying to win the World Series again this year. However, though they are the only team to win 19 League championships, victory eluded them this year due to in large part, the extreme desire the Boston Red Sox exhibited so well.

One must realize that desire is often the key to the attainment of many things in this life, and don't let it fade or fall by the wayside if you would be the winner. When that desire is to put out one of the best loved art and literary ezines online, one must have a whole team working for the same goal. Our authors, columnists, poets, and storytellers always put their words in place to help. There is a glow that comes with such integrity, and they should all know how much their efforts are appreciated. Beginning with the webmaster, Michael Craner, all fill a special need to give our readers an eclectic, well balanced magazine. Thank you, Writers!

A special link here, provided by Michael John Fierro to offer writers a chance to compete:
The Short Screenplay Challenge 2013
The Short Screenplay Challenge is a competition that challenges writers around the world to create original screenplays no longer than 5 pages based on a genre, location, and object assignments.
Columnists stepping up this issue are Peg Jones (Angel Whispers) who includes some of her poetry, Mattie Lennon, (Irish Eyes) who introduces an interesting new author, Michael John Fierro (By the Numbers) who details the numerological aspects of November and offers his suggestions for using numerology in the field of Education, Thomas F. O'Neill (Introspective) who gives us a glimpse of Halloween in China. Judith Kroll (On Trek) says " I have been so busy with my friend, and other things, I totally spaced the time.  I am sending you an artilce about love and friends, and you can use that if you wish...For as many people as I know, that pass, and all I know about the process, and where they go and what they do once they pass..Which is really a beautiful thing..It doesn't get any easier letting them go."  We are missing John Blair's column "Always Looking" and his poetry, but realize the Blairs now have an especially busy time of year personally and health-wise.

Phillip Hennessy's poems are: "I'm Looking for Your Love," "No compromise," and "I'm Dying of Shame." Bruce Clifford's three are: "Out of The Blue," "In The Blue," and "I Bet You Don't Remember." Bud Lemire sent some thought provoking, contemplative poems: "Moral Support," "Mother Knows," "My Photographer's Lament," "After Death: Our Soul Life Continues," "Chemo Effects," and "Through The Eyes of A Quad."

Mark Crocker introduces "Lexi" his new serialized story this month.  It appears to be about a cat so your editor will be certain to read it for any hints to handle Majestic. Also happy with that new addition to the household, Majestic aka Jessie. (See pic below.)

If you weren't feeling Thankful before, you may find your sense of gratitude after reading some of this poetry. Some serious thoughts this month, and your editor is grateful to be out of the hospital and on the mend again.

May everyone find some gratitude in time for Thanksgiving, and have a wonderful family time for that holiday. Enjoy!

Look for us in December!

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Irish Eyes


It’s a long way from Mulrick, County Cavan to Statin Island and, though not geographically, it is further to Sicily. When Paddy and Crissy Shiels found that Marianna Randazzo has written a book, Given Away, a Sicilian Upbringing, they had reason to celebrate. The author was, what she describes as, “a surrogate mother” to Crissy’s nieces Mary Ann and Samanta Emerick, at one stage during their young lives. The book, mixed with some fiction is inspired by the true events in her aunt Tina’s life.

Marianna told me, “For years I heard a one-sided account of my mom’s upbringing in Sicily during WWII. Believe it or not, she constantly praised Mussolini for all the good he did for her family. Of course this was contrary to what I had learned in school but far be it for me to question our Irish nuns with the wooden rulers in my alma mater, St. Finbar’s School. For years I heard stories that did not include my mom’s sister who was only 14 months younger. When I questioned her about the child’s whereabouts, I was told, 'Oh, she lived in another town, with an aunt.' This coming from a mom who never allowed us out of her sight or off the porch seemed rather strange. As I got older, my aunt Tina began to tell me a very different story about a very different upbringing.”
Apparently, Tina had been trying to tell people for years but it became one of those repetitious stories that old people tell and young people haven’t a clue about the context or time period to truly comprehend. Living in Staten Island, Marianna began three years of interviews, over the phone, as her aunt lives in Florida. Through long phone chats and the occasional visit to Florida the story unfolded. Her story was sad, compelling and inspirational. Marianna says, ”Of course there were some questions that could not be answered therefore I needed to create a bit of a backstory. Also, there are still some descendants around and I don’t want to be sued.”
As the story unfolds we learn that Tina was a child of miserable circumstances. Yet, at no time does she consider herself a victim. Like many children of unhealthy environments, she learns to endure, forgive and move forward. Tina’s account of life in Sicily, during the German Occupation brings events of the Second World War to life through the eyes of a young child. Tina’s war story begins on the day she arrives at school and finds her desks, chairs and books tossed onto the streets.

Intimidating German soldiers paint all the windows purple and occupy her school. Her education is disrupted and the difficult life she was leading becomes even more painful and arduous. Her escapes to caves for shelter, secret missions during the night for bread, dodging planes flying overhead, her harassment from German soldiers are all recollections of her childhood and provide an account of her life set against the backdrop of war. Tina is a survivor. She is able to forgive those who took so much away from her. Her spirit trumps over adversity. As she grows older, she struggles to keep the harsh realities of World War II and abandonment at a distance through her sense of humor, imagination and determination.

About the author: She is a mother of three, diverse adult children, has been married over 33 years to one man. She was a NYC school teacher for over 30 years and eight years ago she retired due to health reasons but could never stop teaching. She reinvented herself as a writer, “I began writing for Staten Island Parent Magazine, educating parents and then I began working diligently on my second passion writing.” She didn’t forget to tell me about “ . . . the Irish nuns with the wooden rulers in my own alma mater, St. Finbar’s School.”
And what does she think of Ireland now?
“In 1984 I was in Ireland, went to the Waterford Factory only to find out it was closed on that particular day and that they didn't allow children under five on the premises. My son was three at the time. We spent the rest of our visits in the pubs having a good time eating, drinking and hanging out with the locals.”
Given Away, A Sicilian Upbringing is a very worthwhile read and is available at:
Follow Marianna on:

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On Trek

Love Never Fails

As you know I am in a chorus, and it isn't the Mormon tabernacle choir, just a group of 50 women or less. I have been in that since I moved out here in Oregon, 2006. People come and go for various reasons, so there is an ebb and flow of beautiful energy always. Some people have a special little spot in my heart and soul. We tend to connect with a bond that I know we have known them from our former lives .

Two years ago on Halloween, my dear friend Carolyn, that I nicknamed Corky, passed away suddenly. She was only 58 years old. She came to me in dream, the next day, with red hair, big teeth, and said , "You can call me, Pumpkin Head", and then she laughed that unique belly laugh that was always contagious. Well, this Halloween, my other dear soul friend, Louella, got the news that they cannot do anymore for her Cancer. That she should get herself into Hospice. She has. I believe in miracles, and I don't like to see people give in to the sickness 5 minutes before the miracle. We are all still sending healing and prayers. Her spirit is beautiful. She, Louella, and Corky were friends as well, so I am sure Corky will be meeting her when Louella passes.. Of course I am always waiting for the miracle.

Our loved ones are dear to us, and if we can possibly do things with our loved ones, do so. Corky and I had been singing, and on break Louella borrowed money from Corky for lunch. I didn't know this at the time. Now Corky had enough for lunch, and she said out loud, "I have enough money for lunch, but not enough for some fresh cut flowers. I just love fresh cut flowers."
I said, "well you can borrow some money from me."
She objected, but then said, "ok. I will pay you Thursday, or when I come to see you this weekend."
She got her beautiful bouquet of smashing colors. We had walked back to where our cars were parked, and she continually admired the beauty of the flowers. Thursday night is rehearsal night, and she never showed up. I called Saturday, and her daughter who came to see her, found her on the bathroom floor. A blood clot took her away. I think about the flowers and her delight, and it was a miracle. I prefer giving flowers to folks in real time, then wait after they pass. She had more enjoyment over those flowers than anything else I could have gotten her. It ended up being a gift, a treasure, to both her and to myself.

Please treasure your friends and family. I know we will see each other again, but those quiet talks, those uncontrollable fits of laughter, those times of quiet contemplation, the sharing of each other’s energy is always a plus.

Love never fails.
Judith, aka Featherwind

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Angel Whispers

Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating in the USA. We all have so much to be thankful for whether we are in the states or not. Taking the time reflects and to be grateful is a way of letting the Universe we feel their presence….

As we go into our holiday season lets go in with the thoughts of being with our families and spending time with them.. Healing the hurts and enjoying each others company.

Nothing better than food, family, and lots of laughter… some don’t have this so maybe include someone who can appreciate the closeness of family. It could be a friend a coworker, member of a community group or your church or temple.

My book, Living in the Heart Place with Your Angels: Daily Angelical Whispers Throughout the Year is the perfect book for those who may find comfort in getting to know their angels for guidance and assistance.. You can find the book on The book comes in paperback or in a Kindle version. Link to my book at Amazon

Sharing some poems inspired by my angels:

Angelical Whisperings

By Peg Jones 
The angels are whispering, guiding me today
Helping me to live each day, never, going astray.
Thank you dear Angels, for helping on days that are blue,
I feel your presence in all that you do.

We are here for you’re my child, to guide you on your way.
Ask Michael for protection, to keep away the fray.
When you feel a need for healing, know Raphael is near;
He can help you to feel better and not feel the fear.

Always know we are here for you, listening to you plea
It’s hard to be positive, when not feeling free.
Please don’t be afraid, my dear, to ask for some attention
For there can be days in life,you know,
When feeling a lot of tension.

Our messages to you, my child, are always so clear,
The peace and clarity, you feel, will take away the fear.
The words of wisdom, we whisper, come from the light,
Know that God is with you, he loves you with all his might.

The words, I have heard today, have made an impression,
I thank you for your wisdom and the many suggestions.
Yes the angels are all around me, for I see their light.
Thank you for your assistance and I will now say good night.
©Copyright 2008 Peg Jones

Praise of Thanks

By Peg Jones 
Thank you, dear Lord, from heaven above,
Knowing you’re with me, sending your love.
The peace that I feel tonight, is a gift from you
Thank you, dear Lord, for all that you do.
Thank you, dear Lord, for guiding me each day
For being so patient and showing me the way.
I hear your quiet voice, even when I am tired
Always listening intently, for you are to be admired.
When life gets difficult, and is hard swallow.
I pray to you, dear Lord, for I don’t want to wallow
I want to get on with life and try to make it the best.
Never looking back, for I shall live with much zest.
Thank you, dear Lord, your presence is felt
Helping me to know, that I can handle, all that is dealt.
Your love is always present, and your love is here to stay
For the goodness of your nature, is definitely the way.

©Copyright 2008 Peg Jones

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By The Numbers


November, a 17/8 Universal Month, can be a fortunate and beneficial time. The month can be a time of good fortune, and the energy of the month can be used to create benefits from actions. Following the meditative 7 energy of October, it is time to move forward towards accomplishment and gain. This is month during which a need to unify and work together can be paramount. Using our gifts of spirit and exercising the exchange of giving and receiving will go a long way towards smoothing out troubled waters and creating a better sense of brotherhood. This is a month for re-evaluation and consideration of the elements of power and authority. The time is favorable for purposeful, directed activity and we must remember that positive thought = positive actions/results.

In the world of business, November can be a time during which business and public affairs turn profitable. The promise of a better and brighter day is upon us. Opportunities exist for commercial growth and expansion with plans being put into action that create an environment that can breed success. The energy of the 8 can be very good for business, money, finances and possibly business mergers. Good business decisions can result in progress and profitability and an improvement in business and financial matters. The 8 represents (among other things) the law of return and the law of attraction. That which is put forth during November will bring a return of like energy and vibration. The time is ripe for the proper use of talents that may result in money, gifts, advancements, promotions and assistance being the rewards. It is very important to remember that what is put out will be returned (being it either positive or negative) so being truthful, forthright and honest will result in good things happening.

On the negative side of the 17/8 if caution is not exercised, disruptions of projects and enterprises can happen. There could be an increase in bankruptcies due to financial chicanery or mismanagement and there could be an increase in legal actions due to improper business or financial activities. This is also a month in which there is an uptick in crime as the negative 8 can very much be a criminal mindset. With the recent disruptions in government and the resulting ripple effects, caution must be taken that actions taken during the month of November are positive with the goal of betterment and improvement in all aspects of life. As we enter the final months of the Universal 6 Year of 2013, it must be remembered that responsibility and service to others, in actions that benefit the greater good, are essential components of our existence.

Be certain that you, the individual, do your part to create a better world for everyone (and yourself). I wish everyone the very best in all your endeavors.

Blessings of Love & Light
Michael John Fierro


One of very first things I recognized when I was initially introduced to Numerology in 1984, was the powerful accuracy of this ancient esoteric science. I was deeply impressed by the depth and insights that could be provided by an accurate numerological profile. As I pursued my study and use of this modality, I came to realize that this relatively unknown science could be of great benefit in many facets of everyday life. Whether being used for greater self-understanding, greater understanding of those in our lives, or better understanding of our inter-personal relationships, Numerology has something to offer in a simple and easy-to- understand fashion. Something that can go a long way towards helping people in their everyday lives. More importantly (and this is something I have been advocating for many years), Numerology could become a powerful tool in the educational system.
I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked with thousands of clients throughout the years and it is gratifying to watch someone gain the understanding and acceptance of themselves through the use of Numerology. One of the goals of my work has always been to assist in an individual's growth. Numerology can pinpoint talents, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, lessons and challenges and it is the combination of these facets that collectively creates the understanding, acceptance, and ultimately, the taking of responsibility by the individual. One of the other goals of my work is to introduce Numerology into the mainstream in such a way that it does not lose its integrity. In the world of education, this could be invaluable. Imagine if the schools to which we send our children, were also able to pinpoint these attributes in the students and then work accordingly to better understand, and by extension, educate them more effectively.

I have always found it ironic that schools embrace the teachings of Pythagoras (generally considered to be the 'father of Numerology') through mathematics (who doesn't remember learning the Pythagorean theory in geometry?), music and in many ways, the structure of school, yet they totally discount his work with numbers in the form of Numerology. And, in my opinion, they are missing out on a golden opportunity to better understand and help their students. It is my understanding that the Myers/Briggs test is often used to evaluate students. While that is good in that it provides a personality type and some level of insight into who they are, Numerology, on the other hand, not only provides the type, it can also explain the 'whys' of behavior. And, once one understands the 'why', they can work more effectively in teaching and helping. Throughout the years, I have had numerous occasions in which I was able to inform a parent of the potential of what is considered ADD/ADHD behavior in their child. I have gone so far as to tell them to expect to hear from their child's school that their child has one of these 'conditions'. This statement was always confirmed as having already happened. I can see the ADD behavior in a preponderance of 5 energy in a child. Too much 5 energy will create an extremely curious, restless, and easily bored child. This is a child with a quick mind who picks things up quickly. Considering that a lesson is begun on Monday and finished on Friday, what does one expect of a child who 'gets it' in the first couple of days? The child will begin to drift and look for other things to occupy his mind, and many times this can lead to the child becoming a distraction as he attempts to amuse himself. In my opinion, rather than punishing this child, or labeling him or her and then prescribing medication, might not that child be better served through engaging in a curriculum that satiates his curiosity? Might not that child be better served if attention were paid to his or her particular interests and desires? I feel that all too often, the easy path of medicating and isolating these children is detrimental in a way that needn't be. Through the use of Numerology, this child could be properly identified and treated accordingly. The active and curious child could be provided activities and studies that keep him engaged and interested in his education.
In other instances, I have identified the person who comes out of an alcoholic or addictive family environment (this can be accomplished through the Challenge portion of Numerology). In the case of the addiction scenario, the 7 Challenge is the indicator of not only coming from that home life, it can also be a strong indicator of the possibility of that child falling into addictive behavior. It is rare that the child of an alcoholic begins to act up until they reach their teen years, at which point it might be difficult to overcome the behavioral issues. Just imagine if little Johnny could be identified as having an extremely high probability of coming from the addictive home. Efforts could then be taken immediately upon his entering the educational system to circumvent and overcome the impending behavior.

Other conditions that can be identified through the Challenge numbers are:
    trouble with authority (1);
    impatience and lack of tolerance or sensitivity to others (2);
    issues of self-expression or self-esteem (3);
    control issues and the possibility of a physical reaction towards others (4);
    sexual abuse/molestation or a tendency towards overindulging in pleasures of the senses (5);
    coming from a broken home or a home in which other forms of abuse take place, e.g. verbal, physical, emotional, etc (6);
    or, a home in which anger and rage are a strong part of the dynamic (8).

With recognition of these conditions as soon as possible, then educators and school counselors (as well as parents) could more effectively work with students with the goal being one of the ability to assist in overcoming these conditions in a way that creates long-term benefits to the child. There are other portions of a numerological profile that can also assist in the realm of teaching a child. Strong talents and abilities can be emphasized and encouraged. Weaknesses in areas of characteristics and personality could be strengthened because focus could be placed upon these particular areas with the goal of improvement. The creative child could be encouraged to use their creativity. The curious child could be encouraged to use his curiosity in a positive manner. The deep-thinker could be encouraged to use his intellect to further his education in different facets of their schooling. The bully could be taught to be compassionate, tolerant and sensitive to others. The aggressive child could be taught to channel that aggressiveness into something positive such as athletics. The list of potential positives that can be gained is extensive and the benefits to the child and to society as a whole, are numerous.

I realize that our current educational system has many problems, none of which can be easily solved. Yet, if molding young children into productive and active members of society is an ultimate goal, then anything that can assist in that pursuit should be given consideration. I strongly advocate for Numerology to be given a long and detailed look as a one way to accomplish those goals. If you doubt the veracity of my claim, I encourage you to see for yourself, either through a private session with me, or by scheduling me to come speak to your group or organization about Numerology. The proof is in the demonstration!
You know your name(s)...look up your numbers!
Let your numbers be your guide.
© 2013, Michael John Fierro
Michael John Fierro is a Numerologist, Life Coach, and Author of "YOU KNOW YOUR NAME...LOOK UP YOUR NUMBERS." He has been working with numerology since 1984 and is available for private sessions, lectures, and more.
You may contact him at or
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Before moving to Suzhou, China I didn't know they celebrated Halloween here. I found that out five years ago and I felt bad when I didn't have anything to hand out to the scary little ghouls.

Last year I missed the pint-sized spooks because I was at a Halloween party elsewhere. At this very moment though as I am writing this column I am continuously being interrupted by little, ghouls, witches, vampires, goblins, and lady ga ga’s - talk about a ghoulish night.

Last week I bought a variety of different bags of candies for this special spooky occasion. I also picked up a glow in the dark skeleton which I hung up on my front door. It wasn't a real skeleton like the one in the Bio-lab at my school. It was just one of those store bought ones but scary none the less. I think that’s what attracted all the pint-sized visitors on this howling night.

The kids don’t say ‘trick or treat’ here like American kids they say - ‘Gěi táng jiù dǎodàn’ which means 给糖就捣蛋 if you didn’t know that already.

One little witch yelled out “Hello Mr. Tom!!!” when I opened my door. She was holding a large chop stick for her magic wand. I opened the little witch’s bag to see what goodies she possessed. I then proceeded to take a few of her candy bars and a bag of M and M’s.

“Hey” she said in a little perturbed voice, “Mr. Tom, you’re supposed to give me Candy.”

“Oh” I replied “Is that how it works? So do you know any tricks?”

She then started singing, “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands …..”

“Oh stop” I said, “you’re scaring me.”

I handed her a couple of candy bars and she yelled “thank you.”

“Good now go away” I replied.

“What are you doing?” she asked me while staring at my lap top computer on my desk, “Oh homework I hate homework,” she said as she turned and headed out my door.

Others came as well on this hallows-eve and they reminded me of the fun I had as a child going door to door. It was followed by mischief night. The only real mischief here though was the fireworks kids set off in front of my apartment building and sticking a half-eaten apple in my glow in the dark skeleton’s mouth.

Boy what I could teach those little buggers about the mischief I did as a child.

I like the little half-pint Chinese kids here in my neighborhood though they are extremely affectionate. They like to run up to me and give me a big hug. I tease them quite a bit too with fake punches and pokes. One little girl likes to really wallop a few punches on me but she’s much too little for me to hit back not that I would want to.

Every now and then I borrow an old projector from my school and set it up in my apartment building lobby. I run children’s movies off my computer when the kids are out of School during a holiday weekend. The projector projects movies on the apartment lobby’s wall and about ten kids that live in the area show up to watch them. My one neighbor has a nine year old girl and she always brings watermelon and various other fruits for the kids to eat but the kids usually hand most of the fruit to me. I found that a lot of the children here have trouble with English. The children who do speak English well have to interpret what I say to the ones who don’t.

I also found that most of the children in my neighborhood go to an elementary school that is located right across from my apartment building. On holiday occasions some of the kids invite me to their school to meet their Chinese teachers. Unfortunately, some of the students have to interpret for me when talking to their teachers as well. A lot of the elementary teachers can’t speak English and they get embarrassed about that.

Most of the children will speak fluent English by the time they reach middle school. English is very important here due to China’s growing economy and it is vital for finding good employment. I wish my Chinese was better though because there is so much I could teach the kids here.

The children here like in America are really into the advancing technology that’s changing the world. When I was a kid there weren't any personal computers, cell phones, computer games, and the internet. Instant messaging on cell phones and computers was something out of science fiction movies. The first time I saw a personal computer I was in college and I was too lazy to use it on a regular bases. Now I can’t get through the day without using one.

I was in my thirties when I got my first cell phone and it cost $1.99 to place a call and then 70 cents a minute to talk. I was scared to use it after I got my first cell phone bill. After that whopping phone bill my cell phone became more of a status symbol than a calling device. Today, little elementary kids run around calling each other on cell phones for the answers to their test questions.

I can now phone the U.S. from my BlackBerry phone here in China for 2 cents a minute and send a text message to the U.S. for 2.3 cents a minute. I can also see the person I’m talking to on video calls halfway around the world for free over the internet. Yesterday’s Science Fiction is now today’s reality.

My students at the Suzhou International Foreign Language School in Suzhou, China, also have a technological advantage when it comes to learning and they are so much smarter than I was in college. Some of my students enjoy reading the ancient Buddhist Sanskrit’s online. When I was in college they were hard to come by, especially in English in American libraries.

Once a month I meet with some of my students at a restaurant or a coffee shop to talk about the ancient Sanskrit’s. Those meetings are called ‘English corners’ and it is encouraged by our School. The students get extra credits for participating in them. My students have found that in spite of the advancing technology, the ancient Buddhist texts are as relevant today as they were 2,500 years ago when they were first written.

Many of my students’ grandparents could not afford to purchase the ancient texts when they were my students’ age but they can now be read online for free both in Chinese and English.

Technology is indeed changing our world, but perhaps not all for the better. I do find however it will never change the youth filled imaginations of the children I encounter on a daily bases. That is something I truly enjoy being part of and no matter how far I travel in life. Children will always bring out the child in me and there is certainly nothing wrong with that especially when you were raised in a different culture.

I am going to have to let you readers go for now because I need to get back to my little broken English spooks and perhaps steal some more of their candy.
    Always with love from Suzhou, China
    Thomas F O’Neill
    U.S. voice mail: (800) 272-6464
    China Cell: 011-86-15114565945
    Skype: thomas_f_oneill
    Other articles, short stories, and commentaries by Thomas F. O'Neill can be found on his award winning blog, Link:

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I'm Looking for Your Love

I'm looking for your Love
Though I can't find it
It's here,
Though I can't see it.
It was here yesterday.
And the day before that.
It'll be here tomorrow,
When the world has gone flat

When the moon has touched the stars
and you have kissed my madness

So in the meantime
all there is to do is think about it
And feel
my heart.
Not yours.
You're too far away.
©2012 Phillip Hennessy
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I'm Dying of Shame

I'm dying of shame
and crying again,
I'm killed, but not dead
It's all in my head

The anger's not mine,
Tho it's here all the time
I can feel it inside
and I make it subside

It burns in my belly
And aches in my heart
The story's foretold,
and I'm doing my part.

There's wiser than me,
and there's smarter, too
Advisors are many,
though few will ring true.

At the end of the day,
in the middle of night
It's you, you alone
has to stand there, and fight!

©2012 Phillip Hennessy

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No Compromise

Behind those doors
Closed off in our mind
Are all those chores
To which we were blind

What the eye doesn't see
The heart doesn't grieve
When the spirit is free
Then it's time to Believe

Let sleeping dogs lie
For they make no sound
They're keeping the torment
of truth underground

Those secrets and stories
Of innocent youth
are the soil of deceit
On the coffin of truth

©2012 Phillip Hennessy

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After Death: Our Soul Life Continues

Death is exciting, and intriguing too
For those experiencing it, if you only knew
Think of everyone's belief, and what's in their mind
When we pass over, leaving our bodies behind

 Then they wake up, to a world without a bod
Confusion taking place, everything is so odd
No belief in the afterlife, where can you be
You try to make sense, what is it you see

You see the many loved ones, who have passed before
With the truth set before you, you can not ignore
This is where you are, it is not a dream
It is much more, than it would seem
“I can't believe it, there really is a place
For us to go after death, in the human race”

Embrace the light of God, remember and rejoice
It's your decision to make, it has always been your choice
As you look around, at your loved ones standing close
God's love surrounds you, in all things you loved most

You've come full circle, your soul has journeyed here
In the light of darkness, all things will become clear
The only death that happens, is to the bodies that we use
Our soul life continues, no matter what we choose
©May 9, 2006 Bud Lemire
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Through The Eyes of A Quad

Dedicated to Quadriplegics everywhere. Quadriplegia!
  I'm stuck here in the wheelchair all day long
Thinking back to that day when it all went wrong
It was a nightmare on how I got here
An accident, a mishap, and my worst fear

We're limited to our movement of each body part
It hasn't effected our brain, we're still just as smart
I'm mostly paralyzed, with spasms that move me
But not in the way I'd like it to be

We need exercises done every night and every day
Spasms are set off if you move us the wrong way
I need assistance in almost all that I do
Sometimes I even wish that I were you

My independence is very important to me
I do as much for myself, I like to be free
Don't help us all the time, unless we ask you to
Because we like our freedom to do all we can do

Sometimes the pain is more than I can stand
But I'm sitting, fighting it the best that I can
My morning care can take so much time before it's complete
Most people don't realize my situation, having full use of their feet

My hands don't move like I'd want them to
My signature probably resembles a scribble to you
My Power Chair is how I get from here to there
Without it I'd be stuck, life can be unfair
If I become irritated, understand and be fair
I've been sitting all day in this wheelchair

Upside down and inside out, our life has really changed
Mostly everything we do, must be carefully arranged
Friends I knew before this happened, ignore me as they do
But I'm basically the same person who was a friend to you

Someday I'll walk again, at least I hope
Until that day arrives, I'll do my best to cope
If by chance you see me in my wheelchair, and think that I am odd
Then it's time for you to see life Through The Eyes Of A Quad

©1993 Bud Lemire
(For two special Quads, Bob & Mike.)
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I Bet You Don't Remember

I bet you don't remember when we used to count the stars
I know you couldn't have noticed we would ever get that far
I've tried to count the pieces of this fractured and fragmented view
I know out in the distance there is something to remind me of you 

I bet you don't remember when we would walk thorough the sky
All these simple pleasures of us not understanding why
I've reached for a moment when I knew you could understand my pain
I know there are more examples of us running in the rain

I bet you don't remember how life used to be
All this misdirection gains no primeval sympathy
I know you couldn't have noticed we could ever reach a star
I bet you don't remember how we ever got this far

©10/7/13 Bruce Clifford

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Moral Support

By being there for them,
you feel good inside that you are
helping someone through a difficult time in their life.
Talking to them, comforting them, just your presence.
Fear often scares us away. What do I do, what do I say?
Do what comes natural and speaks to your soul.
Remember my friend Bob, The Quadriplegic.
After his accident, he wondered why his friends didn't come around.
He was still the same person, yet people didn't feel comfortable.
You missed out on many moments of being with a very special man.
You have it in you to do the right thing. Be there for them.
  When you have a life threatening disease
These are words to consider, if you'll please
Everybody knows that something like this is tough
Anyone going through it knows just how rough

Dialysis or Chemotherapy makes a person weak
Feeling sick all day can make the time very bleak
So often when a friend has it, people back away
You won't catch it, it's much better if you stay

Your friend needs the Moral Support only you can give
By being there for them makes it better for each to live
The little things you do mean so very much
Being by the side of someone who needs your touch

Put yourself in their place, what would you do
If your friends you cherished, backed away from you
You'd feel alone and you would be wondering why
People can be selfish and stupid, makes you cry

Nobody has to go through this without a friend
I'm sending you this message so that this can end
Be there for someone who needs you, don't back away
They deserve your Moral Support to make better their day
©Oct 22, 2013 Bud Lemire
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My Photographer's Lament

As you take your shots,
remember you took it because of some reason
There just may be someone out there who sees the same beauty as you
I already know there are many who appreciate beauty.
For me, I always follow the sun
Watch where it is and get the shot done
If it resonates with you, take the shot
If it does nothing, then you do not

When taking shots of moving objects, here is the trick
Late is not good, because they move pretty quick
You'll miss a great shot by waiting too long
Taking it at the “right” time is better than “wrong”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
On the ground or over your shoulder
Sunrise, sunset, up in the skies
Know when to shoot, that's being wise

We may never have seen what you shot
Sharing is paramount, we'll see what you got
I bring my camera with me everywhere I go
You could see anything, you just never know
Beauty can be found anywhere
If it's what you see, then it is there

So my friend, with camera in hand
Photographers all across the land
Take a shot wherever you find beauty
And share it with us, so we can see
©Oct 29, 2013 Bud Lemire
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Mother Knows

For my Sweet lady of love, Kahlan
  From the Other Side, Mother knows
She knows exactly where my love goes
She knows who belongs with me
From where she is, she can see

Our souls are together throughout each day
The love we share will never go away
For it is the deepest part of our soul
We are always one, forever so

Like two peas in a pod
Touched by the hand of God
Time and distance aren't in our way
We share the deepest love night and day

The souls on Earth we saw depart
Guide us because they know our heart
To the One that is right
So we can embrace their light

I see and feel her soul
All the time and so I know
She brought our love together
Thank you Mom, she's the greatest treasure
©Oct 29, 2013 Bud Lemire
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Chemo Effects

This poem goes out for those who have a battle every day when
they go to have Chemo treatments. It's not easy and it can make
your life miserable. It truly is a battle for your life.
Lightning surges throughout my body I feel
Can't even keep down my last meal
Red marks appearing on my leg
So dizzy I am like a limp rag

I just feel so weak
Hot flashes up and down my cheek
Just when I think I'll be fine
My body feels like I've had too much wine

I stand up, and then I fall
That floor is as hard as a brick wall
My body is not strong enough to stay standing
So I hope when I fall I have a good landing

On the floor my hair is falling
I hear the other side is calling
I'm not ready, I'm going to fight
Dear God help me with your light

Nothing feels right, I feel really sick
Throwing up and I can't stop it
Now you know what effects Chemo has on you
It's something I wouldn't want anyone to go through
©Oct 23, 2013 Bud Lemire
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In The Blue

All of us are in the fight
We’re beggars and choosing walking in the light
Neon glasses on the wall
Leaving the capsule before the fall

We are all so sick and tired
The fun and games have all expired
Signals and galaxies are battered and torn
This is where I thought I belonged

All of us are in the fight
We’re winners and losers in the gunner's sight
Miniature reasons cry out to the view
So here I am living in the blue

©10/24/13 Bruce Clifford

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Out of the Blue

History and war
Battle scars on the shore
Distant worlds out of view
It came to me from out of the blue

Quiet shapes and lonely nights
Shooting stars and free falling kites
Chemical makeup so far out of tune
You came to me from out of the blue

Out of the blue without warning
Out of the blue you came calling
I can't get my feet on the ground
I can't hear any other overexposed sound

Out of the blue when the sky was the limit
You took it all in and that was a given
I never knew which way was up or was down
From out of the blue you came around

History and time
The enemy lines are defined
Different faces remaining true 
You came to me from out of the blue

©10/10/13 Bruce Clifford

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My Birth and Early Days

    My name is “she who must be obeyed”. But you humans know me as “Lexi May” or “Lexi” for short.
    Now where should I start?
    Well like any account of ones life it should start with the most important event in your planets history. But being humans you don’t know that!
    But to me it was the most important event in the history of you planet. One of such great importance that you humans failed to see it or even celebrate it.
    I was born in the early part of summer or late spring so my mother told me. The birth of my sisters and brothers was of such great importance that a week after our birth the sky flashed sliver, red, blue, green, and yellow with loud bangs and parades of humans. And for eight weeks I lived with my mother, sisters and brothers. Then a human came and took us into captivity in a place that had birds, fishes, lizards and yucky smelly puppies.
    My sisters and brothers picked their humans but mine never came. And soon I was alone in my glass prison cell. Then more kittens came and they too where held captive until they picked their humans.
    I was scared my human would never show and each day when humans would come I would dread them picking me up and then ignoring me and looking at the younger kittens that now shared my glass prison.
    Each day the humans would come and pick up the other kittens and say “oh she is so cute, he’s so adorable. Mommy can I have her or daddy can I have him” it would almost turn my stomach hearing the humans being used so easy by us chosen ones. But my biggest dread was as I have said that my human would never show up.
    Then one day he showed up with his female daughter. But he was not interested in me. But his daughter was and without looking at the other kittens she knew that I was for her dad. But the trick was to get him to take me home with him.
    My plan was simple and it was so easy to put the idea into the human’s daughters mind. So easy and so simple yet it almost did not happen as I planned.
    I heard him say “look at the other kittens before you make up your mind which one you are going to pick”.
    She answered back as she picked me up “This is the one I want. She needs me”.
    And in away it was true I did need her. I needed her to help me so that the human that needed me and was mine would take me away from my glass prison.
    As we left the glass prison my heart felt so happy and light as the first part of my plan was happening as I had planned. But the second part was going to be harder.
    I had to make the male human bond with me and that was not going to happen as long as I was in the arms of his daughter.
    As she carried me to her motorized box that human’s use for transport I had to think fast and pop an idea into her head so that she would hand me over to him.
    At the motorized transport I at last got the idea into her mind and she looked over at her dad.
    “Dad could you hold the kitten while I drive us home” said the female human.
    To which he answered “I will drive as you need to bond with the kitten”.
    My heart sunk as the male human was not going to hold me and if he did not hold me he would not bond with me. So I had to use all my will power to make the female talk the human male into hold me.
    “Dad it’s my car and I will drive. So hold onto the kitten and when we get home I will hold her and she will bond with me” said the female human.
    “No you need to bond with her. She will be scared in the car and if you calm her down she will bond with you and that’s what you need and what you should do. So I will drive and you make a fuss of the kitten by blow gently into her nose, pet her fur and she will bond with you” said the male human.
    My heart sunk like a rock as this is not what I wanted as if he did not bond with me now it would never happen and my human would be gone and I would have to make do with the female and that’s not what I wanted.
    “No” said the female human and she pushed me at the male human who had no other option but to take me. “It’s my car and I will drive and you will hold onto the kitten”.
    I was so relieved that I started to cry. I had almost failed in my plan and my human was not going to bond with me.
    But now I was in his arms and I could start to make him bond with me.
    We got into the motorized transport and he held onto me as I was still crying in relief. As he held onto me he stroked my fur and blowing gently into my nose so that I could smell his breath. I snuggled into him and entered his mind so I could start making him bond to me.
    The sound of motorized transports terrifies me. Even now four years later I get so terrified of the sound that they make I still cry and get very upset.
    I felt the transport moving and in a mix of fear and relief I snuggled into my human and let him help me relax and at the same time he started to bond with me. Or that’s what I was hoping.
    We arrived at the female place and I smelt another one of us chosen ones.
    My heart sunk as I was not going to be the center of the world as I would have to share the male human with another of us chosen ones.
    I was just getting relaxed with my human when he suddenly and rather unkindly handed me back to the female human.
    I was shown where the water was kept and then the food and lastly where I was to go to do my litter.
    The female human played with me and tried to bond but a few things were going on that she was unaware of.
    The other chosen one was telling me that I was lower than she and that she was the owner of the female human and I should do as I was told.
    And to make matters worse my human was having nothing to do with me.
    My heart sunk to the lowest it has even been. All my plans had failed and the male human that I wanted had not bonded.
    The human female was kind but not who I wanted so I had to think of how I would get him to bond with me. But that was made harder by the other chosen one who had made it very clear to me by clipping my ears and cuffing me across the back of the head that I was second and I was not going to be first.
    The humans played with me and made a fuss of me while all the time the other chosen one made it clear she was first and I was second.
    Now it was time for the humans to rest and the female human picked me up and with the other chosen one leading the way we went to her sleeping chamber to sleep.
    This was not what I planned as I wanted to snuggle with my human that I had picked. But now the female human was taking me away from him and somehow I needed to get free so that I could snuggle with him.
    The female held me and soon as much as I did not want it to happen I fell asleep next to her.
    I awoke awhile later and knew at once my chance had come so as quiet as I could I slipped away from the female human and left her sleeping chamber and headed to find my human.
    I found him asleep on the floor in the main room. So I walked up to him and started to climb up his body so that I could sleep next to him.
    He woke up and at first I thought he was going to take me back to the female humans sleeping chamber but thankfully he did not.
    To show my happiness I snuggled into him and started to purr to show that he was my human and that he had no say in the matter.
    I tried to slip into his mind but humans for all their simplicity can sometimes be very hard to control. But in my defense I was only 12 weeks old and my mother had never finished teach me how to control humans as my sisters and brothers had been taken to prison before she had the chance to finish teaching us.
    Not only had she not had the chance to finish teaching us how to control humans she had not been able to finish teaching us how to hunt and kill if we needed nor how to protect ourselves against other chosen ones.
    As I laid there snuggling and feeling safe with my human all these thoughts raced though my mind before I felt my eyes become heavy again and sleep once again over came me.
    I awoke with the other chosen one muttering at me telling me that the humans here where hers and that I should always remember that I was second and that she was first and first above all others.
    She strutted over her tail held high and shaking. She fluffed her tail up and started to hiss as she told me that if I stepped out of line she would do more than smack me down.
    Her muttering and hissing woke my human and he looked at her and then he hissed back at her just like one of us chosen ones.
    The days pasted and my human acted with indifference to me. Sometimes he would pick me up and make a fuss of me but each night I would sneak out from his daughters sleeping chamber and go and curl up next to my chosen human.
    Then one day he was gone.
    Fear and panic set in and I sat in the window looking for him to come back. I cried and cried as I felt that I was alone.
    The other chosen one reminded me that I was second to her and she would hiss at me “you are second to me and don’t you forget that”. And each night I would sneak out from the females sleeping chamber and sit in the window and cry hard that my human was gone.
    I did not feel like eating or drinking and the female human noticed this and started to worry.
    The female human is not a bad human just not my chosen human and she had other things to do in her life than to pay much attention to me. I was just a kitten to her that she was looking after.
    But she is kind and did worry about me not eating or drinking.
    So one day she used that little thing that humans use to talk to each other when they are far apart.
    She then brought it next to me and placed the small thing next to my ear. And oh such sweet joy. I heard the voice of my chosen human talking to me.
    He told me not to worry and to be a brave kitten and that he would come and see me again soon.
    I felt so much better and so very hungry and so very thirsty.
    You know that they have the ability to talk telepathically but they don’t use that ability or seem aware that they can do that. If you ask me that’s such a waste.
    Well the days and weeks went by slowly and the other chosen one was always mean to me. She would cuff my ears and get between me and the food and water. I would have to wait until she had her fill before I could eat. And sometimes she left me with so little food that I was hungry all night.
    Then one day I was sleeping in the window which was the only place that I was safe from the other chosen one, when I heard footsteps that I knew.
    It was my human and my heart leapt so high that I was sure it would of jumped out of my mouth.
    As he opened the door I ran so fast to him that I tripped over my own feet and landed in a heap of fur and legs at his feet.
    The other chosen one laughed at me and told me I was an idiot for making a fool out of myself by running in a fashion that was below us as the chosen ones.
    But I did not care as my human had come to me again.
    But the other chosen one walked over and got between me and him.
    My heart sunk again as I thought he was going to pick her up and take her over me. But he gently pushed her away and picked me up and held me close.
    He rubbed my ears and stroked my fur and made such a fuss of me that I could not help but purr. Then he gave me treats. And when the other chosen one came over he moved her gently away and give her, her own set of treats.
    To that point I had never been so happy to see anyone. But the return of my human made me happy.
    Oh how happy was I?
    Think of this. From the day I was born until the return of my human I had always had to do as others told me. With the other chosen one “it was do as I tell you and I won’t hurt you”. With the female human it was “I will make a fuss of you later”. And when the female human was not around the other chosen one would tell me “stay away and let me sleep”. Or if I was asleep she would say “wake up its time to play”. Or “Wake up I need to make it so the female human blames you for something I knocked over”.
    I was not happy at all where I was living. Sadness and lack of my human made my days painful and sad. Each minute seemed like an hour and each hour seemed like a day and each day felt like an age.
    But he had returned so I would be safe as he would not let the other chosen one boss me around. And what’s more he made sure that I had plenty to eat and cleaned my litter box every time it was used even when the other chosen one used it, instead of using her own litter box.
    And at night I did not have to sneak out of the females sleeping chamber.
    He played with me he stroked my fur he bushed me so my fur shone like the morning sun. He gave me treats and made me purr. He would rub my belly and make me wriggle and purr. I was happy that he had returned.
    One afternoon when my human went out with his daughter I told the other chosen one how happy I was and how glad that my human was back.
    “Back” said the other chosen one “I suppose that you think he will take you away”?
    “Yes he will” I said. “He will take me away from you and here and I will be happy and loved” I should have said nothing but I might be one of the chosen but I never said I was smart.
    “Why would he choose a little bit of fluff? Why would he want to take you away from here? Why would he care about someone that is only second” said the other chosen one.
    Her words hurt so badly that I ran and hid in the window and cried.
    When I looked up with my eyes full of tears I saw my human looking down at me. He came inside and out of a little white box he pulled out something a kind of reddish pink that smelt so good.
    The other chosen one came running over and tried to get between me and my human. But instead he broke of a small piece of the reddish pink thing walked over to her food bowl and placed it in her food bowl.
    Then he held what he had saved me in his fingers and offered it to me.
    I sniffed it then I licked it. And it tasted so good. In fact in tasted like nothing I had, had before.
    So I bit gently into it and it melted in my mouth. And oh the taste? It tasted so good that I took another bit and then another bit and soon it was all gone.
    I looked up at my human and with my paws and claws I held his hand so I could lick the last of the taste of whatever it was off of his fingers.
    He then rubbed my ears and made a fuss of me until I could not help but purr.
    Well the days went by and I spent as much time as I could with my human. I would curl up in his lap and let him rub my belly, or rub my ears or even rub my nose.
    But when he was not around the other chosen one would cuff my ears or smack me down with her paws and a few times she would unleash her claws on me making me squeal and cry in pain.
    Then horror hit me.
    I saw his bags packed one morning by the door just like the time before when he left me behind.
    My heart sunk again down into my paws.
    The other chosen one walked over her tail held high and she sat down in front of me.
    “He’s going away again and he’s not taking you away with him” said the other chosen one.
    I saw nothing as it looked like she was right as his bags where packed by the door and he was making sounds in the place human go to make themselves clean.
    My heart sunk even lower as I knew that I would have to live with the other chosen one and the female human and the other chosen one would make my life painful and sad as she would remind me every day that my human had not taken me away and that she was first and I was only second.
    Then outside I heard the footsteps of the human female and the door opened and she had a funny looking box with bars on the front.
    She placed the funny looking box down by my humans bags and when he came walking out of the place that humans go to clean themselves she spoke to him.
    “Dad you are leaving today. I want you to take your bloody cat with you or she will howl and cry and not eat until I have to call you again so that you can speak to her and make her relax and happy. So take your bloody cat with you as it’s clear as day that she is not my cat” said the female human to my human.
    The other chosen one came walking over to me and looked at the funny looking box and sniffed it. She then turned towards me with a strange look in her eyes.
    “They will put you in the cage and take you to a transporter. Then they will transport you far away and stop. Then they will get out of their transporter at the side of the road and open the cage and push you out. Then they will leave you alone with no food no water, no shelter and no one to care for you”.
    I became scared at her words so I ran and hid under the sleeping platform in the female humans sleeping chamber.
    After awhile I fell asleep and woke to being very hungry so I got up dreading that they would take me far away and abandon me and even worse that my chosen human had left me behind to be with the other chosen one and the female human.
    But my human was still there sitting on the couch taking a nap. So I climbed up on him and rested on him while I did some thinking.
    To me anything was better than being mistreated by the other chosen one and not being made a fuss of by the female human. Beside the other chosen one could of being just saying those nasty things about being abandon just to make me scared and afraid. And to be honest it had worked. But my human would not do that to me. I knew that in my heart that he would not take me far away and abandon me and leave me with nothing and all alone.
    I walked over to the funny looking box and sniffed it.
    It did not smell bad in fact it had hardly any smell at all and definitely not a bad smell that would mean harm or danger.
    So I stepped into the box and my human suddenly closed the cage door on me. He then picked up the box with me in it while his daughter helped to carry his bags down to his transport.
    As soon as all his bags and me where in his transport it hit me hard and I knew he was going to take me far away and that the words of the other chosen one where true. I was going to be abandoned and left alone with no idea where I was or how to get home!
    Panic overtook me as I heard the sound of the transport starting up and then the feeling of it moving.
    I could not help myself but cry.
    Then I heard his voice speaking softly telling me that I was going to where he lived which was far away from his daughter. As he spoke a mix of fear and relief overtook me but I could not stop crying as the feeling of motion and the sound the transport made me very scared.
    I cried louder and louder at the transport felt as if it was moving faster and faster. I knew that we were getting further and further away from all that I had known and all that I had liked. Not that I had liked much as the other chosen one had been mean to me and the female human did not have time for me. But I knew what was happening there and while I might not have been happy I was safe. But this was an unknown to me and something new.
    The minutes felt like hours to me as the transport moved while I could not see what was going on. All I could see was my human sitting next to me hold the steering wheel in his hands and taking me further and further away.
    I cried louder and louder as fear and panic has over taken me and the words of the other chosen one echoed in my ears. “They will put you in the cage and take you to a transporter. Then they will transport you far away and stop. Then they will get out of their transporter at the side of the road and open the cage and push you out. Then they will leave you alone with no food no water, no shelter and no one to care for you”.
    Then I saw his fingers poke into the cage and I smelt them and the smell made me relax a little. As he poked his fingers into the cage I heard his voice start to make a funny and musical sound.
    I guess that’s what humans sound like when they sing. Most of us chosen ones don’t like human singing but I will admit I do like it as my humans singing sooths me. Even back then it soothed me as it does even now.
    But each minute in that transport felt like an hour and each hour felt as long as a day. And the further we went the more I started to believe the words of the other chosen one.
    Thoughts kept racing though my mind “maybe she is right”? “Maybe he will abandon me”? “Maybe he is not my human”? The thoughts kept on coming and fear built up inside me. Yet the sound of his singing soothed me and after what seemed like a year I started to relax and give myself up to whatever was going to happen.
    “Sadly” I thought to myself “if he abandons me I will survive and find him and make his life painful. Then I will come back to the place where the chosen one lives and I will get even with her. Then I will make the female human pay for picking me”.
    Then it hit me that my thoughts had turned bad and mean and that I was being just like the other chosen one? Maybe what she had said about being abandon had happened to her? Maybe that was why she was mean to me as she feared that she would be pushed out and made to live where she was not safe and where she had no food or water.
    Suddenly I felt sad for the other chosen one as what she had said was not to hurt me but to make me tough and ready to take care of myself if needs be. She was not being mean to me by smacking me down or treating me rough. She was making me tough so that if the worst happened I could take care of myself.
    I think I might have fallen asleep at some point as when I opened my eyes the air felt thinner and colder. And the transport sound as if it was having difficulties and it felt as if it was not going as fast.
    But my human was still singing but his voice sounded rougher and as if it was dry and needed water.
    I sniffed the air and smelt things I had never smelt before other than what the female human used to clean the floor. The other chosen one had told me that it was the smell of pine. But to be honest I did not know what pine was other than the smell.
    Awhile later the transport seemed to be going faster and the air felt heavier again and I could breathe better as there was more air getting into my lungs which felt much better than gasping for each breath that I had been doing.
    The transport stopped for a moment and my heart sunk. “This is it” I thought to myself as I saw my human get out of the transport. Then much to my relief he sat back down and the transport started to move again and my human started to sing to me again.
    Again I must have fallen asleep as the transport sound like it was struggling again. The air too felt colder but it was not hard to breathe like it had been before.
    Then I felt the transport stop and the sound it made went away. I saw my human get out and take his bags with him.
    “This is it I thought” and I moved to the back of my cage thinking that if I was to be abandoned I would make it as hard as possible for him to throw me out.
    He came back to the transport and I felt him pick up my cage and I saw things that meant some kind of human building.
    Then it was warm. Well warmer than in the transport anyway.
    The door to my cage opened and my human reached in gently and pulled me out.
    I looked around and saw that I was in a human building. I sniffed the air and it smelt of my human. I looked around as he held me and carried me around.
    So this was where my human lived.
    Other than colder than I was use to it was not bad. No smell of other chosen ones. No other chosen one.
    I liked that idea of no other chosen ones around. So my human was to be my human and no other chosen ones at all.
    Then he put me down on the floor and let me walk around while he made the building warmer and went off out of sight.
    When he turned he had two bowls. One he filled with water and another he put my food in.
    I sniffed the water and it smelt better than the water I had at the female humans place. And the food tasted good. Well not as good as the food I had eaten off of my humans fingers but better than the food the female human had put out for me and the other chosen one.
    But the bowls? Now that confused me as they smelt of me but not me. More an older me? It’s hard to explain if you are not one of the chosen. If you where one of the chosen you would understand how bowls can smell of an older you when you are young.
    You see we are not like humans at all. Not just because we walk on all fours or have tails and pointed ears.
    No we are so far above them that we have to treat them as pet and let them think they are in control of us when in fact it’s the other way around.
If you are not one of the chosen ones then you are going to be in for a shock as you read my story and more than likely other chosen ones will be upset as I tell the truth about us and humans.
 ©Mark Crocker's new series about Lexi.

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