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December 2013

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." - Kahlil Gibran.

Owning a book of Gibran's lovely words means that many times they have soothed my soul. Soothing is what my soul needs now, as it appears that our pencilstub archives have been lost. A loss of many hours of dedication, coding, backing up of data bases, and funding is not even counted as part of the meaningful deficit.

Feeling as if a trust has been violated, that the standard is dropped and trampled, never to regain its former glory. My heart goes out along with apologies to the authors, and readers and prospective readers, as for the most part, the door has been sealed to the treasures of the past. Mourn with us, but remember, once seen, words live on in someone's heart forever. Where shall light be found now?
Michael Craner, Mike to most of us, has kept us online for nearly a full sixteen years, keeping a revered art and literature source viable through his dedication and skill. Thank you, Mike, and one can only hope that once again you will find the key to restoration.

BULLETIN:  Mike and Support with some researching by Denise was able to restore the ezine's database and save our archives. Your editor was able to get all of the December issue entered to the ezine and so now all is well!  Happy Ending!

Columnists in this issue are Eric Shackle (Eric Shackle's Column) encouraging community singalongs and revealing the secret love life of lobsterian crustaceans;Peg Jones (Angel Whispers); Mattie Lennon, (Irish Eyes) who reminds us of famous days of hunger in his Ireland; Michael John Fierro (By the Numbers) who regales us with the numerological aspects of December; Thomas F. O'Neill (Introspective) who gives us a glimpse of holiday time in China. Judith Kroll (On Trek) speaks on gratitude to grace every day . John Blair's column "Always Looking" remembers an architect with a true grasp of what those using his buildings really needed. John's two poems are moving tributes, love songs in truth, for his late wife, Clara.

Phillip Hennessy shares three of his poems: "If You Want to Get on," "I Don't Know What Possessed Me," and "Live For The Day." Bruce Clifford's three are: "I Tried," "Somewhere in Space," and "How Could I?" Bud Lemire's poems for December are "Hugs from Heaven," and "Your Inner Self." Riva Joi Smith offers a contemplative tone poem, "Recapping."

Mark Crocker continues the tale of "Lexi" in the story section. Kay Roy Jones adds her story, "What We Need," and Denise Sly Sebastion brings another 'tryst' to our pages, "Dreaming."

May everyone find time to share with their families and friends during the various holidays of December. Whatever your faith and practice, honor it and those who share your life while you can.

Look for us in January as we hope to be around to finish the volume 16 of Pencil Stubs Online!
 Merry Christmas!

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By The Numbers

DECEMBER, 2013 – A Universal 18/9 Month

December, 2013 is an 18/9 Universal Month. This is the final month of the current 6 Universal Year, and is appropriately, a 9 Month...a month of endings and taking inventory. This is significant when one considers that 2014 is a 7 Universal Year and it will be necessary for the world to take stock of what has happened during the year so that it can move forward towards better understanding and self-awareness on all levels. With that in mind, December can be a month during which many projects are successfully terminated and moves are taken to curtail inefficient practices in both government and business. Efficiency experts may be called upon to improve and streamline procedures and policies and as a result, we may see the elimination of unnecessary personnel in various facets of public and private endeavors. Inventories of all types will be undertaken as people, businesses and governments look to shed that which no longer works for the greater, and personal good.

This may also be a time during which we see an increasing movement of people as a result of changes and adjustments being made. In the business world, there may be an increase in the buying and selling, or merging of businesses for the purpose of increasing profits or efficiency in operations. The 9 Month is a favorable time to finish things while at the same time, working to eliminate that which is not useful, or purposeful. It is important to remember that situations, conditions and programs that are built on strong foundations will endure, while those that are weak will disappear. The 9 Month can be a time of progress, and to move forward from a position of strength increases the likelihood of successes. It should be remembered that the 9 energy is not an energy that is particularly conducive to beginning new projects, so it would be best to give great thought and consideration to things and postpone moving forward until January (an 8 Universal Month).

As we enter the holiday season, the 9 Universal Month is a time for the enjoyment of friends and family, gift-giving, and doing kindnesses for others. With its characteristics of humanitarianism, philanthropy, benevolence, selflessness and altruism, the 9 energy of December is the perfect time to reflect on the brotherhood of man while understanding and participating in the idea that we are all in this together, and the welfare of one affects the welfare of all. The 18/9 indicates this month to be a time during which healing forces are at work beneath the surface so this would be a good time for everyone, everywhere, to take some time to reflect on the health of our world while giving consideration to what you, the individual, can do to improve the world in which we live. Keep in mind that this month can be a time of evolutionary growth and development as the 9 represents the “all”, and it is the “all” that must be the dominant, driving force in the affairs of businesses, governments, and individuals.

Also, during a 9 Universal Month, public personalities can be quite prominent (even more so than usual) and in a very positive fashion, these individuals could use their fame to foster and promote good through their words and actions. December may also see the passing of prominent people who are held in high esteem in the eyes of others.

On the negative side, December may also be a time of tragedy in the world. Considering the worldwide weather and natural events that have devastated the world in 2013, we may see a dramatic end to the year. Geo-political and national strife in countries may also culminate this month in additional tragic events that increase the suffering and pain of innocent people caught in the conflicts. An increase in conflict and/or arguments between parties of opposing views can also result in additional tragedy befalling people. In the world of business, December may also bring about fluctuating stock markets, creating more turmoil in the world of money and business.
Since 9 can be an energy of endings, we may also see an increase in the ending of relationships, friendships, and marriages.

As we end 2013, the 9 energy of the month provides everyone with a chance to reflect on your personal life, and an opportunity to take an inventory of your life. Check off those things that no longer serve you, and by extension, the greater good and work towards eliminating the conditions and situations that are past their expiration date. Move forward towards self-improvement and enhancing the world at large through an expansion of your humanitarianism, philanthropy, and consideration of the family of which you are a part...the family of man and the entire world.

I wish each of you the very best of the holiday season and an improvement in all that you do and experience on every level of your life.
Blessings of Love and Light!
© 2013, Michael John Fierro

Michael John Fierro is a Numerologist, Life Coach, and Author of "YOU KNOW YOUR NAME...LOOK UP YOUR NUMBERS." He has been working with numerology since 1984 and is available for private sessions, lectures, and more.
You may contact him at or
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Irish Eyes

In 2011, Donegal man, John Cassidy was strolling on the banks of the Clogher River, in the townland of Cullenboy when he found an old famine-pot, broken in pieces. He had it welded, restored and mounted outside Leghowney Community Hall.

Famine Pot at Leghowney Community Hall.
Such was the interest shown by American tourists that I decided to do some research on the whole Famine-pot/Soup–kitchen aspect of the famine. I found that because of bigotry, pride, misguided patriotism and inherited false information, this aspect of the potato failure was almost air-brushed from our history.
Professor Christine Kinealy of Quinnipiac University told me of how, “ . . .when the potato failed for the second time in 1846 a number of Quakers in Ireland, followed by Quakers in England and Quakers in America decided to do something in the way of direct intervention. And they started to fund-raise . . .“
In November 1846 a Dublin Quaker, Joseph Bewley, wrote to Quakers all over Ireland pointing out the seriousness of the situation. Over the period of the famine the Quakers supplied pots to twenty-seven counties. At one stage, at Templecrone, Co. Donegal, there were in operation four famine-pots, being used twice a day to give out 600 gallons of soup at a cost to the local organisers of £2 10s.

Famine Pot at Rossnowlagh.
I found from Rob Goodbody’s book "A SUITABLE CHANNEL, Quaker Relief in the Great Famine," that the Quakers brought 294 Famine pots into Ireland in the 1840s. “The first major shipment of supplies received from Great Britain in February 1847 included a consignment of soup boilers. These were landed at various places along the west coast, the largest number, ten, going to Killybegs. The supply of boilers was greatly enhanced by the donation of no less than fifty-six of them from the Quaker iron manufacturers, Abraham and Alfred Darby of the Coalbrookdale Iron Company.”
When I interviewed Rob Goodbody, with typical Quaker humility, he insisted that the Quakers weren’t the only group to provide relief. But his book gives facts and figures to indicate that their humanity, generosity and organisational skills saved tens, if not hundreds, of thousands from the mass-grave.
While Donegal was the hardest hit of any county in Ulster there was severe hardship in other parts of the country. Dr Ciaran Reilly of NUI Maynooth points out that the Quakers played a big part in the midlands. “Without them the number of deaths would have been far greater.” Dr Reilly told me that as the famine progressed that other people, “. . . both Catholic and Protestant” got involved in the provision of relief and that some of those set out to line their own pockets. Dr Reilly points out that in the process those unscrupulous people added ingredients not fit for human consumption to the soup. It was at times described as “poison.”
The Government didn’t want to give food free because they thought it would make people lazy so the set up Public Work Schemes. This involved starving peasants, during the harshest winter for a hundred years, doing heavy manual work, for pennies, building roads “going nowhere ” and “famine-walls.”

                                          Right: Professor Christine Kinealy

It didn’t work and in 1847 the Government decided to allow more soup-kitchens, modelled on what the Quakers had already done. But, Professor Kinealy says, th e Government, “ . . . hadn’t really thought it through.” Once again the Quakers came to the rescue and brought in “hundreds of cauldrons.”
Historian, Father Anthony Gaughan told me of how the Presentation Sisters, at their convent in Listowel, fed the starving people of North Kerry during the 1840s. He said, “So if you are asking about Famine-pots and soup-kitchens you could say they were in the Presentation Convent in Listowel.”


Left: Jimmy Deenihan
A documentary is now being made about the whole soup-kitchen/Famine-pot aspect of the Irish Famine. It is due out in early 2014 and it has been indorsed by Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaelteacht Jimmy Deenihan who is Chair of the National Famine Commemoration Committee. 

John Cassidy with Famine Pot

Some famine-pots have survived and can be found in the farms of Ireland. John Cassidy has taken steps to keep this aspect of our history alive. He has arranged to have miniature ceramic famine-pots made. These are now available and details of price etc. are available from John at: 

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Always Looking – People Who Made A Difference XII

Alfred T. White

By John I. Blair
Alfred Tredway White (May 28, 1846-January 29, 1921), housing reformer and philanthropist, was known as "the great heart and mastermind of Brooklyn's better self." Forty years a deacon and twenty years a trustee of the First Unitarian Church of Brooklyn, White's reforming work in housing grew directly from his church's social service project and was deeply informed by his sense of religious duty and compassion. In the course of an address he once asked his audience how men and women could understand the love of God "when they see only the greed of men."
left: Alfred Tredway White
White was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Alexander Moss White, a wealthy importer, and Elizabeth Hart Tredway. He earned a Civil Engineering degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, in 1865, then returned to Brooklyn and worked in his family's Manhattan importing firm, of which he was later a partner.
Also in 1865, young people in White’s church founded a settlement school. Two years later White began teaching in the settlement school. In 1869 his minister Alfred P. Putnam asked him to superintend the church's settlement work. He did so for the remainder of his life. Almost immediately, through house calls to the homes of settlement children, White became aware of the terrible living conditions of the urban poor. Shocked to find that the death rate in tenement districts exceeded the general rate of population growth, he worked to stop these needless deaths with better housing. "Well it is to build hospitals for the cure of disease," he said, "but better to build homes which will prevent it."

Floorplan for fresh air via outside access
In May, 1878, White married Annie Jean Lyman, a granddaughter of Seth Low, also a teacher in the settlement school. They had two daughters who, like their parents, taught in the settlement school.
Before inaugurating the housing reform movement with innovative, affordable housing for the working poor, White went to England to investigate the housing-reform projects of Sydney H. Waterlow and others. Having learned from their examples and with financial help from his family, he built homes and apartments in Brooklyn for over a thousand families. In 1877 he completed the Home Buildings on the corner of Hicks and Baltic Streets. These twin, six-story, fire-proof brick buildings, with their sunlit rooms, private toilets, and balconies, were "the most advanced tenement houses in the world." Eager that other builders should follow his lead, White made certain his buildings proved that good housing rented to those of limited means could be profitable. In 1878 and 1879 near his first buildings White constructed the Tower Buildings with approximately 170 apartments.

Tower Building
In 1890, closer to the waterfront, he completed the nine Riverside Buildings, his greatest achievement. Far ahead of its time, the project had its own park, playground, bathhouse and music pavilion. None of his buildings occupied more than 52 percent of its lot. White's projects, the great social reformer Jacob Riis insisted, were "like a big village of contented people, who live in peace with one another because they have elbowroom." White's buildings and the publicity he gave them in his writings and lectures helped pave the way for enactment of New York State's 1895 tenement legislation, requiring that a new tenement occupy no more than 65 percent of its lot. By 1900 White was a leading member of the New York State Tenement House Commission.

Riverside Buildings
In 1876, while completing his first tenement houses for immigrant families, White moved the First Church's settlement school into its own building, the Willow Place Chapel. There the school started a kindergarten and, with the help of Pratt Institute, became a leader in preschool education. In 1906 classes and settlement clubs grew when a second building, Columbia House, was added. An early member of Brooklyn's Children Aid Society, White built for that organization the Sea-Side Home on Coney Island in 1876, the first facility in the country where poor children could receive medical care and nutritious food in a vacation atmosphere. Credited with cutting Brooklyn's infant mortality rate by half, White was also a founder of the Brooklyn Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. In 1878 he became the co-founder of the Brooklyn Bureau of Charities and was either its president or secretary for thirty years. White was so involved in settlement and charity work that he returned to Brooklyn from summer vacations in New England every third week. In 1893, while commissioner of public works in Brooklyn, White built the Wallabout Market which lasted until the nearby Navy Yard expanded during World War II. To bring flowers and woodlands to city dwellers, he made the Brooklyn Botanic Garden a reality in 1910 and until his death helped it through every financial crisis it faced.
White's concern for education and training reached out beyond Brooklyn. He was a major supporter of Hampton Institute, where Booker T. Washington was a student, and of the Tuskegee Institute which Washington built. Tuskegee Institute "would not have been possible," Washington said, "had it not been for the encouragement and inspiration I received from Mr. White and his family."
In 1880 Francis Greenwood Peabody, a minister and Harvard teacher, came to Brooklyn to see White's innovative housing. They were friends for 40 years. White endowed a chair to ensure that the teaching of social ethics at Harvard, which Peabody had begun, would continue. Designed to teach economists their moral duty and philosophers economic reality, this course was duplicated in other colleges, bringing White's ideas for reform to generations of students. In 1890 Harvard University awarded White an honorary doctorate.
During and after World War I White made generous anonymous gifts to desperately needy churches in Transylvania. He was later given the Belgian Order of the Cross for sending money to ravished towns in Belgium and working with Herbert Hoover's Commission for Relief in that country. White was a charter member of Survey Associates, an original trustee of the Russell Sage Foundation, and on the first executive committee of the American National Red Cross.
While skating across Forest Lake, White, an active outdoor man, fell through thin ice and drowned near Ramapo Hills, New York. Calling White the "great parishioner" of Brooklyn's First Unitarian Church, former President William Howard Taft lamented his loss, saying, "I don't know any other one in all that six millions of New York City who would leave such a void as he does."

Adapted from an article by Olive Hoogenboom
Blair adds, "The floor plans (see pic below) are interesting so readers can see how they provide for a central garden courtyard (unheard of in those days for tenements) and for cross-ventilation in every unit (also unheard of) and private bathrooms. White was a remarkable man who has virtually been forgotten outside Brooklyn. What appear to be balconies on the buildings are actually exterior hallways that allowed fresh air to enter each unit through its front windows and door. The standard tenement of the time (thousands of which still exist – my brother-in-law and sister-in-law in Manhattan live in one, although it’s been modernized) had a windowless, airless hallway and virtually no cross-ventilation.

General Plan Riverside Buildings
Research, adaptation by John I. Blair

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On Trek

I have come to the conclusion, after all is said and done, 
that we should always be grateful.
I am grateful for life, for health, family and friends. Here is a cute story.

When my children were little they would pray in the cutest manner. They would say,” thank you God for mommy and daddy, and for my brothers and sisters,(naming them) and my dog and my cat, and my cousins,(naming each one of them), and on and on, and they always ended with something like...and thank you for McDonalds”.

I smile every time I think of it. We have three beautiful children and each one said a prayer. It took a while, but it was a bonding, and it was well spent time listening to the hearts of our children. So when I now pray, I am always thankful or grateful and insert details of the day in my communications with Universe.

We can be grateful for the rain when we need it, or the sun. What about the trees, and the animals that need the trees. We don't have to say these things every time we pray, but we can feel in our hearts the goodness which surrounds us. What would the world be like without sound, or color, or taste, or the feelings of wind, rain and sun upon our faces and the sunrises and sunsets to name but a few delicious moments of our life.

We can always be working toward looking for the good in others and the good in the world around us. We want love and goodness and gentleness to permeate the whole earth, and since we do not know everyone, we must generalize by saying people. Or perhaps we should say our brothers and sisters? That is what we can be grateful for, all the people in the world on their path, sharing the goodness of life.

Enjoy the coming Holidays, the time spent with those we love, and live each day to the fullest from this moment on.

©2013 Judith Kroll, aka, Featherwind

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Eric Shackle's Column

Community Singing

By Eric Shackle 

Eric Shackle suggests that we should entertain ourselves by singing together.
Community singing, popular during the Great Depression (1939) should be revived. It was good clean fun. And it cost nothing. Admission was free, and I don’t think the musicians, theatre management and staff, or anyone else were paid.

Remember the words of old favourite songs such as Daisy, Daisy, Home Sweet Home, Coming Round the Mountain, Oh Susannah and dozens of others?
I say again: Bring back community singing!
    Soundsense Org Show
    Sing up article:My Community Sings

Written by Eric Shackle - Published on October 27, 2013 08:20 AM | Permalink
Shown in the English webzine "Open Writing"

Sexy Lobsters

Eric Shackle reveals the dangerous sex lives of lobsters.
Lobsters are strange creatures in the sea - and a delight to eat!
They have complicated sex lives.
It takes less than 10 seconds for a pair of American lobsters to mate, but it takes a lot longer for them to get into the right mood. The female makes the first move by selecting a male that suits her fancy.
Once she identifies him, she hangs around his hiding place in the reef for several days. The male responds by being aloof at times, and at other times he seems to do his best to ward her off by nipping and swiping at her with his claws.
But she is a determined seductress, and when the time is right she disrobes by moulting and shedding her shell.
To increase her chances of success, shortly after moulting the female secretes a powerful pheromone intended to serve as an aphrodisiac. If the combination of her charm, body and “perfume” work their magic, the male will soon begin to caress her body with his antennae.
At this point the shell-less female is at risk, as the male’s sharp claws could easily deliver a fatal wound. The male will soon embrace the female and deposit his sperm packet inside her seminal receptacle near her tail where the sperm can be stored for months.
After mating, both the male and female often take a few bites from her discarded shell.
When the female finally produces eggs, they are fertilized by the stored sperm and then cemented to her swimmerets where they appear as a gelatinous cluster.
Lobster parties at Thiemsville, Wisconsin:
Do lobsters hold the key to eternal life?:
Six ways to control animals:

Written by Eric Shackle - Published on September 22, 2013 08:38 AM | Permalink
Shown in the English webzine "Open Writing"
©2013 Eric Shackle

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The first time I went out for a Thanksgiving Day meal here in Suzhou, China was five years ago and I was astonished to see so many restaurants filled to capacity with foreigners.

My friends and I made the mistake though of not making a reservation beforehand in order to partake from an elegant Thanksgiving Day meal. We had to go to three different restaurants before finding seats to sit down and enjoy ourselves.

What is most intriguing for me though is all the people you get to meet in those restaurants, especially, on Thanksgiving Day. I got to meet people from all over the world coming out to celebrate all the things they are thankful for.

I have also received emails from students of mine and fellow teachers here at the Suzhou International Foreign Language School wishing that I have a bountiful Thanksgiving.
My reply to those emails was ……..
The yuletide season is once again upon us with all the hustle and bustle of the mad shoppers. I for one didn't participate in the frenzy of Black Friday like millions did in America and I never will.
I am one of those people who simply enjoys the sharing and to give thanks for the special people in my life. That truly makes this time of year special for me especially here in Suzhou, China.
I surely have plenty to be thankful for because throughout my life people have gone out of their way to be kind to me and the Chinese here are no exception. I once told my students in class when you care for others you are cared for and when you love others you are loved. This special season of giving should reveal our love for one another through kindness because loving kindness gives this special season its true meaning.

The cities in China are all lit up now with Christmas lights and they are so beautifully displayed that they also bring out the Christmas spirit in me. The Chinese also enjoy celebrating this special season with the lighting of bonfires. Some sing songs and dance around the large glowing fires. They set off large firework displays as well in the night sky. It is an ancient tradition that goes back thousands of years. It's one of their ways of coming together as an entire community to celebrate their abundance and to be thankful for having one another in their lives. That is just one of the reasons I find this season so special here.

Here like in America parents and children alike also take great joy in Santa's arrival on Christmas Day. I also enjoy seeing the young children's faces light up at the sight of Santa the jolly old soul.
There was a time though when I felt the season of giving was simply a common courtesy in order to receive and provide our significant others with material gifts.

I now understand more clearly that this special season is for heartfelt acts of gratitude for having people in our lives. When keeping the true spirit of giving close to our heart it enables us to give from the heart all year-round. The yuletide season should be a time when our love comes to call because that love gives this time of year its true meaning.

What intrigues me about the Christmas season here in China is that the majority who celebrate this time of year are non-Christian. The Buddhists have embraced the season as a way of giving thanks.
I have found over the years, though, that it's not the material gifts that count in life but rather it's the unrecognized, undetected and unremembered acts of loving kindness that are our greatest gifts and achievements in life.

If we truly want to see a world of loving and joyous people we must be loving and joyous toward the people in our own lives. That potential is part of our humanity. When we reach out and touch others we touch part of the humanity that is within us. When we enhance the life of another in need we in turn enhance our own lives.

Objects gift-wrapped in shiny paper can be forgotten over time but kindness whispered to those in need will echo endlessly throughout the community. Those small acts of kindness resonate with the giver and the receiver because they are gifts from the heart. Such priceless gifts can never be measured monetarily though because how can you put a price on love?

From my heart to yours I would like to wish all of you a very merry and joyous holiday season.
    Always with love from Suzhou, China
    Thomas F O’Neill
    U.S. voice mail: (800) 272-6464
    China Cell: 011-86-15114565945
    Skype: thomas_f_oneill
    Other articles, short stories, and commentaries by Thomas F. O'Neill can be found on his award winning blog, Link:

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Angel Whispers

By Peg Jones 

Another Year Gone By… 2014 Is On Its Way…

2013 has come and will be almost gone within 31 days. How has the year measured personally for you? Has it been the year you had hoped for? Did you reach your dreams or goals or did you generate new goals for yourself?

There is an angel card in the Doreen Virtue Archangel Oracle Deck that is called Life Review. I always find it interesting to take a life review at the end of each year. Asking the questions that were written above are good ones to think about. It helps you to see where you have gone and where you are headed for the next year.

The angels say that when we look back, on the years events, try not to look on those events as whether they were a good experience or a bad experience. They suggest to look at the event as to the amount of growth occurring in each event. Looking more deeply, with this question in mind, can help you to see what the growth was, for you, during the year.

For me, this year has been a year of interesting events, some which I will never forget. I have found over this year, that my angels and higher power have truly helped me to see exactly what I needed to learn and to experience. The one thing that I learned the most, is that if there is something I want to accomplish, all I have to do is imagine it to truly happen for me. I may not understand how it’s going to all play out, in the end, the main thing is to take the tiny steps of moving toward that goal I have for myself. Once the intention is put out there, the universe and all is there, to help me to make my dream become a big possibility for myself. We are truly co-creators for what we want to happen in our own lives. As we look back we can notice who were the people we met throughout our day, during this past year, helping us to help our dream, become more clear. The angels and all in our universe, ask us to notice the other signs, that let us know the universe is with us, on our path. Noticing the synchronicities that happen daily, and the ideas that we may have that will be validated by the different signs of the angels and guides throughout day.. Something we may hear or see, in listening to music or something we have just read in a book or magazine that may help us on our path.

With these tiny steps, that we take in helping to achieve our goals, we find that it does come together, in many different ways. We also find out if our idea, or goal, was something that was worth in pursuing too. Evaluation is important, as we are walking our path, or striving for our dreams. We certainly want to be sure the dream or goal is truly valid and something that is truly in our favor, for it to turn into worthwhile goal. Many times our goal doesn’t materialize for us in the manner or in the time period, we would like it to happen. Sometimes there are more important things we need to get out of the way, for it to truly be a part of our life. Another way of saying this is to understand that all that happens on the earth plane is not of our own earthly timing, it is of the universe timing or Divine timing.

The angels asked me to share this message for you from several of the Archangels.
”The years come, the years go. Each year is a year of new experiences and knowing that all will make sense, as the years, go by. Also, to understand that we all have different lessons to experience, and to know that each experience, is like a separate piece to the puzzle of what we call life. To know that the lessons we are learning are lessons that were decided before our birth. They can go either way, with the intention of what is best for our soul, or the worst for our soul. This is because of our free will that was given to all of us, when we came into this world. The paths that we walk are based on so much, and when we understand our path, we can usually make the choices necessary for our soul’s experience. It’s not that we don’t know what our path is during our lifetime; it’s usually that we are remembering what we are here for. And when we come together and share ourselves, we do begin to remember what our true path is, and how to live out our life in a truly blessed way. Keeping a open mind of who you all are, and that not all are alike, yet you are, in so many different ways. Accepting the differences and respecting of beliefs and values, can make life very enriching and interesting in so many ways. We ask each of you to look at the differences as a way to gain new knowledge, and to embrace the sameness of who all are too.”

I am offering a 12 month angel intuitive reading for all who are interested. intuitive reading offer You can go to my site to check the offer out and also my new class coming in January of 2014. Class Events.  They make really great gifts too and I will send a gift certificate for the selection made.

Wishing you all a blessed holiday season in the way you celebrate this time of the year. 
Happy New Year to all.

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Live, for The Day

The danger has gone
the shock has arrived
You know how it works,
it's part of the ride.

You paid to get on,
you want to get off,
But the darn thing won't stop.
Hold on, stay alive.

The rhythm of Life
says stop, Now and then
You take a deep breath,
and get going again.

Slowly at first, 'cause
you know, when It's fast
One trip, in your lifetime
It could be your last.

Miss a go, you miss the fun
It's to-and-fro, for everyone
Some stay on long,
and some fall off.
Some don't belong,
and some are too soft

The danger is there,
It won't go away
Respect it. Beware.
and Live,
for the day.

©2012 Phillip Hennessy

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If You Want to Get on

If you want to get on,
Then you got to get off.
Of what you was into
When you wanted out

Out of the old
And into the new
take a step back
look at the view

Thinking it through
With what you got
and thinking its you
can go, take the lot

Feeling it's here
see yourself there
bleeding and scared
and nobody cares

It's all about you
At the end of the day
When you think it through
there ain't much to say

If you want to get on,
Then you got to get off.
Your day will arrive,
Dead or Alive.

Get off
to get on,
You live,
or you die.

©2012 Phillip Hennessy

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I Don't Know What Possessed Me

 By Phillip Hennessy
I don't know what possessed me
I don't know what,
or Who
I wasn't right in my mind
It's like I split two.
Left and right,
out and in
Down, and up,
and in a spin
Outside, inside,
double trouble
Steppin' in and out
my bubble
Lookin' in and passing out
On and off the roundabout.
There's more than one of me,
I know.
Some to hide,
and some to show.
All the others
take their turn.
They come and go,
we live and learn.
©2012 Phillip Hennessy
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By Riva Joi Smith
Some times in my life the Angels have whispered,
"let's briefly recap."
Perhaps something is not clear to you,
a page is torn from that chapter of your book.
One's glasses fogged up at the last minute.

I was talking with a new friend of mine,
about seeing something written in a dream.
We both agreed, reading those things seemed very
difficult and had to be read quickly.

Neither of us knew the reason, but we both said
it was never accomplished the way
we both wished to understand it!

The Angels get that about us.
They want us to get it.
It helps with learning lessons and getting rewards.

There are times in life, we just need to stop and briefly
recap the fuzzy parts or the mysterious parts before
we set out on the adventure of life again.

They are always waiting to help us clarify

©2012 Riva Joi Smith

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Staring at My Cane

Staring at my cane beside the door
I am distracted by my toes,
Which twitch with no apparent reason
As thyroid therapy performs its work.

I’d make a joke about it to you,
But you’re not here
And will not be here, not tonight,
Not in the morning, never.

Soon four weeks will have passed
Since my son first told me, dry-eyed,
Sitting across from my hospital bed,
Keeping control for my sake.

I’m sleeping on your side now,
My head on your pillows, my body
Nestled in the hollow yours once made
In this mattress you never liked.

Today, as on the day you died,
My brain cannot grasp the loss,
Cannot absorb that you are gone.
But my body understands;

My body knows it’s incomplete
And will never be complete again.

©2013 John I. Blair

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Small Ashes

Soon you’ll be small ashes
Hidden in a bronze urn
Sealed in thick cement
Behind a lettered metal plaque

With just your name and dates
And four wise words –
What words we haven’t yet decided,
But something you’d have liked.

I know we once agreed
That when this day arrived
I’d find a way to carry you
Back to the ocean you so loved,

Stand at the long pier’s end
And scatter your remains
Far across the waters
For fish and gulls to take.

But now I’m old and cannot
Make that journey, quite;
And our young granddaughters
Need someplace they can go

To visit Grandma.
So we’ve found this spot
Just heartbeats from their home
Where there’s a sunny bench,

A splashing fountain,
Trees, flowers, birds,
And funny, furry squirrels
To dash atop the wall that holds your urn.

The girls can sit there,
Remember you, your smile,
Your laughing love for them,
And not feel sad or lonely.

And who knows? Someday,
Eons in the future, out of ken,
Your atoms yet may float
Into the great, eternal sea.

For Clara, 1942-2013
©November 2013 John I. Blair

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Your Inner Self

By Bud Lemire
Your inner voice
Will lay your choice
As you go on your way
Each and every day
So, where you go
Always know
Your inner voice
For every choice
The Inner strength within you
Will always guide you throughout
To where you wish to be
Your spirit flowing free
Vanished doubts, courage found
The feel of love is all around

The inner vision is well in sight
Seeing in darkness with inner light
To see beyond the ordinary things
Letting your journey take off on wings
Pass around obstacles that come into your life
Let everyday worries disappear with the strife

Your inner self will show you the way
To guide and protect you every day
To hear, to see, and feel all that is there
So your ability to sense, will be well aware
Look on the inside, to learn and to grow
Then, and only then, you can let your love flow

©2002 Bud Lemire
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Hugs From Heaven

By Bud Lemire 
I'm not really gone, so wipe away those tears
I've come to give you hugs from Heaven, and banish all your fears
You see the pain you thought I had, really wasn't there
An Angel came to show me and I became aware

The colors here are vivid, when I did arrive
The music danced around inside my soul, and made me feel alive
The people here say I have some healing to do
But once I am done, you'll feel me there with you

I can see what's happening, in your life each day
The Angels and The Spirits surround you, to help you on your way
Try to understand, this is not the end
I send you love from Heaven, I'll always be your friend
There's so much I didn't understand before
Until I passed over and opened Heaven's door

Thoughts are everything, and I'm thinking of you
Oh if you could only feel, all the things that I do
This is the Home, and I've been away
But Earth's journey, was amazing every day

Our souls are made of light, and vibrate at such a speed
And everyone here is loving, there's no room for greed
I've come to give you hugs from Heaven, and banish all your fears
I'm not really gone, so wipe away those tears

For everyone who's known someone who passed over
©Nov 29, 2013 Bud Lemire
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Somewhere in Space

Maybe one day you’ll love me
Maybe I’ll see a sign
I can’t forget what we captured
I can’t put life on rewind

It’s difficult to relive each moment
The treasures that we waste
I can’t forget what we talked about
Now we are just memories somewhere in space

Maybe one day you’ll meet me
Maybe we will get to that place
I can’t forget what we dreamed about
Still, we are just memories somewhere in space

©11/29/13 Bruce Clifford

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How Could I

How could I ever forgive you
How could I ever get used to this
How could I ever get beyond you
How could I ever resist

How could I step into tomorrow
How could I find the reason to live
How can I set aside this sorrow
How can I ever expect you could give

In a perfect world
On a perfect day
All of these broken promises are with me to stay

How could i ever forgive you
How could I ever get used to this
How could I ever get beyond you
How could I ever resist

How could I ever trust you
How could I forget to watch my back
How could I ever confront you
How could I when I’m under attack 

©11/5/13 Bruce Clifford

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I've Tried

I don’t have the time to waste
I never knew I was in a race
We never meant to see the other side
All the futures, all these passing byes

We never thought we could be like before
All the manufactured reasons walked out that door
We never tried to see the other dream
The many reasons why we might never know what this means

Now I’m looking for a brand new light
The transformation from the darkest sky
Whatever the reason during the middle of the night
At least I know I’ve tried
Oh how I’ve tried

You never told me there as no other way out
You never said to me you were no longer on the cloud
You never took my hand when I took that leap of faith
You never looked into my eyes as I drifted off into space

I don’t have the time to waste
I never knew I was in a race
We never meant to see the other side
All of the reasons why we had to say goodbye

©11/1/13 Bruce Clifford

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Sunday, December 1, 2013


As she drove through the canyon her thoughts wandered. Could he be the one? Her heart was torn between the reality of her life and her fantasies. She was in a relationship with a stable and safe man. He would take care of her for the rest of her life, if that is what she wanted. Life would be routine, but is that what she wanted. This trip would be the deciding factor. She was going to the coast where she could think and find out what her heart and mind wanted.

She arrived at the bed and breakfast around noon. She unpacked her suitcase and put everything away in its proper place. Her life was about everything in its proper place. Nothing could be out of order or in chaos.

She grabbed a sweater and headed down to the beach. A walk will do her head some good. The sun was out and the sea was showing its true passion. She was beginning to let go of her thoughts and just listen to the hypnotic sounds of the ocean. She closed her eyes to bathe in the warmth of the sun and listen to the calming sound of the ocean.

She was walking and in her heaven when she felt a bump and fell backwards. A man was sitting in the same position in wet sticky sand rubbing his shoulder.

“I'm Sorry!” she said and got up. She explained that she was not in her right mind and did not see him. He got up and introduced himself.  “Hi I’m Steven.”

He was about six foot tall. She looked into his eyes and began to feel drawn into him. He kept talking, but she didn’t hear anything. He put his hand on her shoulder and asked if she was ok. She came too and apologized again.

“Are you here on vacation or business?” he asked.

“Relaxation and alone time,” she responded.

“Would you like to walk down to the shack and get a bite to eat?”

“I would love to, but as I stated before relaxation and alone time. Thanks though.” she said as she turned to walk away.

He stood there thinking about how he could not get over her beauty. She had these deep green eyes that just made his heart race. He could not let her get away without knowing who she was. He turned to catch her, but she was gone from sight.

She had run around the corner of a rock just in case he tried to come after her. She stood there against the rock breathing hard, but not from running. She had never lost herself in anyone like that. What were these feeling she was having? She couldn't explain them.

After a few minutes she began walking again down the beach. His touch was the only thing she could think of. She tried to listen to the waves, but all she heard was his voice. She closed her eyes and tried to think of something else, but all she saw were his eyes. Why did this stranger have such a hold on her?

He went back to his car and waited for her to come back. She did not. He went back to his house and started calling around to all the hotels and motels. He could not find her. No one had seen a woman that fit her description. He couldn’t stop imagining her. He had to find her and take her into him. 
There was a connection, chemistry or magic he could not explain it. He felt empty without her.

She got back to her room and took a shower. Relaxed she laid down on her bed to rest, but all she could think of was her run in on the beach. Was this a sign of what she was looking for? Her reaction to this stranger seemed to point out what she always wondered, was her life the way it was suppose to be? Should she have gone to lunch with him? Should she have explored this connection? Now she would never know. She fell asleep.

She woke up to a knock at the door. She answered it.

“Hello!’ she said in amazement.

“Hi, I thought since you haven't eaten you might want to grab a bite?” Steve replied.

She stood there thinking is she still dreaming or was he really there. Her stomach was in knots. That feeling of magic was swirled around making her dizzy. It was thick and comforting, yet exciting and new.

She began thinking, could she leave what she knows and expects to explore this feeling? Whatever this feeling was. She invited him in. His voice was hypnotic and exciting. He explained how he found her. She contemplated what she should do, something deep inside her told her to go. Be free of all expectations.

“I suppose that would be ok,” she replied.

“Great, let me arrange a few things and I will pick you up in an hour.” Steve excitedly replied.
That hour was the longest she had ever felt. It seemed to drag on forever.

There was a knock at the door. She went to it he was there with roses. It took her by surprise. She put the roses on the table in the room. He asked if she was ready. She had been ready for what seemed like an eternity. He offered his arm and she took it. She was thinking what a gentleman.

They walked down to the beach. She was wondering what or where they were going. They walked for a while when she saw a canopy with flowers around it and candles blowing in the wind. She looked over at him and smiled. As he looked down at her in that moment his heart began to race.
Inside the canopy was a table with white linens. Two chairs set close to each other. On the table was a center piece of Sterling Roses. She wondered how he knew. There were two place settings and a bottle of something was chilling. In the background she heard soft music playing. It was as if he had ripped this out of her dreams. Was this real?

They sat down and began to talk about who they were. When a waiter came to the table and brought a salad and dinner. She lifted the cover and began laughing. Her laughter was intoxicating.

“My favorite, cheese burgers and fries.”

“I figured you for a good hearty burger girl.” he replied.

She loved the simplicity of the dinner and yet the complexity of the environment. She just couldn’t accept how this was all feeling. It could not be real.

After dinner they went for a walk on the beach. The full moon lit their path. The stars were bright and amazing. She felt she could see all the way to another galaxy. The waves crashed against the cliffs creating the most amazing ambiance. This moment couldn’t be better if she wanted it to be.

He reached for her hand. She felt his touch and the tingle surged through her body. She had never felt this way before from a simple touch. They stopped at a rock and she sat down. He sat next to her. They looked into each other’s eyes. She was lost in him and did not want to leave.

He reached up to gently brush away her hair. He was amazed at how this made him feel. It was as if there was an electric current running from her to him. He put his hand behind her neck and pulled her to him where their lips met.

She felt the heat of his mouth on hers. The air was thick and heavy, yet it felt as if she was floating. He kissed her gently.

As they kissed she felt that this was where and who she was suppose to be with. She reached around and put her arms around his body. She just wanted him to pull her into him and never let go. She had found her answer and she wanted her fantasy. He was her fantasy. This is what she had been looking for. He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bank. As the passion built he could not contain his hunger for her.

As she reached up to touch his chest, there was nothing there.

She opened her eyes and she was lying on her bed at the bed and breakfast. It was not real, but a sign. A tear fell from her face.

©2013 Denise Sebastian

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We Receive What We Need

Over the last couple of months my thoughts have been more on what I have been missing in my life. When my granddaughter Sarah passed away at the tender young age of 4 ½ years old, my life and my heart changed forever. She was very special little girl, one of God’s special messengers. Many times I have thanked God for such a beautiful soul, and to be a part of her short life was such a blessing.

Although Sarah was special needs she was the most beautiful loving little angel. Just the way God created her! She was forever in my arms, almost like a part of my body. She spent hours being held by my left arm, nestled on my hip. I loved and valued every single second. There were times that I could feel our hearts beating as one. Then and only then did I truly understood what unconditional love was and how it felt. I would have moved mountains for her. I loved my children with every ounce of my soul, but this was somehow different. Sarah was surrounded with love always. During those times I would have sold my soul to protect her and keep her safe, and forever in Grand-Moms arms.

After the passing of Sarah, my arms ached because of the emptiness. The emotions kept pulling my heart strings. Each passing day eased the tension on the heart strings. But the ache never subsided or lessened.

Slowly years passed and the ache softened, but the emptiness in my arms was still painful. That is when I decided that I would ask the universe for to fill the emptiness I was feeling in my heart and arms. I prayed God and the universe to fill my arms with someone to love. A special someone that I could give and receive unconditional love that I so desired.

Weeks, months pasted nothing happened. So I kept asking the universe for assistance. Each time I asked the same thing over and over again. Each time I asked I knew the universe heard me, so why was there no answer? I kept asking and believing that my prayers would be answered.

One day as I was walking out to my car I notice this little dog cold and lost. To myself I was thinking that the poor baby was shivering and cold, I wondered who might have lost such a little cutie. While standing there watching him I tried to call him over to me. There was no way he was coming over to me, a stranger. My thoughts went to God and I asked him to help me so that I might help him. Then I heard, “Kay Kneel” so I replied ok …and knelt. Ever so slowly the little doggie started to approach in my direction. Move to get more comfortable as I knelt I was told “Be still my child”. So I waited which seemed like forever because I was freezing! I could only imagine how if I was freezing what little one was feeling.

Finally the little dog jumped into my lap and started licking my face. Instinctively I wrapped my little jacket around him and carried him in my arms as we headed towards home. I could feel him shivering under my jacket. Poor little guy had no tags or nothing to say where he belonged. Right now he needed warmth and some food.

After he settled in we started looking for his possible owner. I knew that I could only help find his forever home. We went searching for clues where he was from? Who were his owners? What happened to the little guy?

I contacted a rescue group to help find him a loving home. The rescue group paid for him to receive shots and checked him for heart worms, Major is healthy, up to date and ready for his new life. Somewhere along the way Major decided he was going to be my doggie. And the little stinker started spending time in my lap, following me around like my shadow.

One evening while watching T.V. with my new lap buddy, I had an awe moment. My prayers had been answered. Not The way I had expected but, indeed they were answered. When I was sending out my prayers to the universe, I was thinking my twin flame. The man of my dreams! A two legged man! Someone that I could love unconditionally for time and eternity.

After laughing to myself I realized, what the universe had done. They sent exactly what I asked for, someone that would love me unconditionally. Thank you for my four legged buddy, Major!

Although I knew this was only temporary and kept telling myself do not get attached, do not get attached. But, my heart said you do not have a choice we are taking the plunge! Yes I fell for the little guy and realized how much when one lady said she wanted to give him a new home. I cried like a baby asking God why would you do this? Why do I have to give him up? Why?

The response I received was “You have been entrusted with some very precious souls. Each one that will come to you needs you as much as you need them. Love them my child, love them.”

©2013 Kay Roy Jones

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Lexi - Chapter 3

By Mark Crocker 

That white cold nasty stuff

I had been only a few days at my humans place when I awoke to look outside to see the sky was gray and strange things floating down from the sky.

I better back up here for a moment. If you don’t know who I am my name is “she who must be obeyed” or if you are human I am called rather laughingly “Lexi May” or just “Lexi”. But if you are human and reading this just call me by my real name which is “she who must be obeyed”.
Now where was I?

Oh yes my first encounter with that nasty white stuff that is cold on your paws and gets between your toes and your paws never feel like they will ever be warm ever again.So I woke up and went to the big sliding glass door and looked outside at this very strange sky and the even stranger things falling from it.My mother had never told me about this and it was something outside of what I had seen before or even heard of.

You will have to pardon me while I use some bad words. I hate dirty litter that gets stuck between my toes when I use my litter box. But what I hate worse than dirty litter that gets stuck between my toes is that nasty white shit that falls from the sky.

But my first encounter with the white shit that falls from the sky was something that came as a total shock to me.I’ve seen rain and I don’t think much of that either. If you humans want to water the ground you really should find a better way of doing it than making the sky that is a beautiful shade blue go all grey.

Oh I understand that you have to have rain as it turns to water and I need water to drink. But you could make it rain either when I am sleep or when I don’t want to go outside. Beside as much as I hate rain I do like how it makes things smell and I can stiff the air when it’s raining all day long as long as I am warm and dry.

So I was looking out the sliding glass door looking at this strange white stuff that was falling from the sky. I turned and looked at my human who was busy putting fresh food in my silver bowl and fresh water in my crystal glass dish.

All thoughts of the white stuff went from my mind as I was hungry and we chosen ones must be fed before you humans. That’s just the way of things.

I spent the rest of the morning walking around my new place of habitation and sniffing the air is it was all new to me.The new place of habitation was far bigger than where I had lived before. I mean it was huge with 3 different rooms to sleep in and a room just for cooking of human food and 2 places for humans to get rid of their litter plus a room for just sitting in and would you believe it a whole room just to sit and eat and that’s not counting the room that had my litter box in where the human washed his coverings.

Well as you can guess I sent a lot of my morning going from room to room sniffing, exploring and just looking around at my new place of living. The air was cold on my nose and my paws started to get cold.So with cold paws I returned to the sleeping platform and thought best of taking a nap and curling my paws under me so that they could get warm.

When I awoke I could smell a faint hint of smoke in the air and the air it’s self felt warmer.
So I left my sleeping platform and walked into the big room where my human was sitting watching something on a big box with moving pictures.

I jumped up next to my human and looked at what he was watching and it was so boring that I thought about going back to sleep right there next to him. But suddenly there was another chosen on the big box.

I watched the chosen one as he was given a bowl of food that looked very tasty. So I jumped down as I wanted to push the other chosen one out of the way and taste his food.

I walked over stood on my hind legs and leaned forward to sniff but my nose was stopped from touching or even smelling the bowl of nice looking food.

I lean forward again and some kind of invisible wall stopped me from reaching the food. Then suddenly the chosen one and the food was gone and there were a couple of female humans standing at a place that humans use to wash their food bowls. I sat down and looked at the big box for a moment before I again stood on my hind legs and sniffed.

There was something odd about the big box.

I remember that my human’s female daughter sometimes at night would turn on a smaller box in the corner of her room and watch moving pictures that had sound.

My human seemed to have been amused by my behavior so I stuck my tail straight up and walked away to show him that I was not there for his amusement, rather he was there to pamper me and to treat me as the higher being I am.

I walked into the place where humans make their food and walked over to my water bowl and had a drink I then walked to where my human had a pile of his coverings and the sound of water sloping around could be heard.

There was another door I had not seen before.With great care I used one claw to hook into the side of the door which was partly open and I opened the door using a lot of my strength.

In that room was my humans transport and lots of new smells that needed my investigation.
So I walked into the transports room and as soon as I stepped onto the floor I felt that it was cold and my paws should not stay on the cold ground to long.

I ran across the cold floor to where I could see a pile of wood. I hopped up on the wood and from there I could see the whole room that the transport lived in.

At the far end the oddest door I have ever seen.  Doors open in and out but this door looked like it went up and down. And talk about big. It took up almost all of one side of the room. But what interested me more than anything was the little bit of white that was at the bottom of the huge door. It looked like it had blown under the door and was not part of the door.

I was about to jump down from my wood pile and investigate when I heard my human calling me by the name his female daughter had given me. (He still calls me by that name but one day I will get him to call me by my real name).

I tried to ignore him then I realized that either he was worried or more importantly he was making me my lunch.

Thinking the latter I hopped down off my wood pile and ran to the door. I tried to push on it but it was too heavy for me to open. So I called out to let my human know where I was.

The door opened and I walked in with my tail held high and my head held up.

As I walked by I thanked him and in return he reached down and slid his fingers along my back.
When I looked at my food bowl it was clean and indeed had fresh food in it and to make matters even better my water bowl had fresh water in it and another bowl had been placed next to my water bowl that has some kind of white water in it.

I sniffed the white water and it had an odor I liked. So I tasted it carefully and it was warm and just right. So I lapped it up enjoying the taste.

With the warm white water in my tummy and fresh food I felt sleepy so I walked over to the opening in the wall that had a fire in it and I curled up on the rug in front of the nice warm fire.I dozed off quickly as having a full tummy makes me sleepy and add to the warmth of the fire and the fact I had been exploring I think I earned a good nap.I woke up feeling very refreshed and ready to do some more exploring.

I stood up stretched myself and walked off towards the room where my litter box was as before I would be doing any exploring I needed to lighten my tummy and my bladder. Once I had emptied my bladder and tummy I walked to the front door and though the windows on either side I could see that same white stuff that I had seen under the huge door in the transports room.

As I sat watching I could hear a scarping sound coming from somewhere out of my sight. I also heard faintly the sound of my human breathing hard as if he was doing some hard work.

I sat thinking for a moment before I realized that if I went into the sleeping room next to the front door I might be able to see what was making that scraping sound and why my human was breathing hard.

I sat in the window and could feel the cold of outside against the window as I pressed my nose against it. But I could not see my human.

I could see that there was a lot of the white stuff on the ground and it looked as if I would come up to my ears if I was to be outside and stood in it.

I could see from time to time lumps of the white stuff coming flying through the air and land on top of the other white stuff that was lying on the ground.

Then my human came into view with a huge red scoop in his hands. He was dressed up in a thick heavy looking covering with hand coverings and his green hat that has one side turned up.
I watched as he scooped up the white stuff and threw it off the pathway that he was clearing of the white stuff.

I stood up on my hind legs and placed my paws against the window and shouted out so that he knew I was watching and that he knew that I was pleased.

He looked up and I could see that his cheeks were red from the cold and that what looked like smoke was coming out of his mouth. But he did not have his smoking thing in his mouth.

I watched for a few more minutes as he scooped up more of the white stuff making the pathway wider and all the way to the front door.

Then my human came in took off his feet coverings and put them by the door before taking off his hand coverings and then his heavy body coverings. He then went and sat by the fire and I walked over and sat down next to him,

His hands were cold when he touched my nose and it made me pull back a little. I sniffed his fingers a few times and other than his smell and my smell the only thing different was that they were very cold and a little damp.

We both sat by the fire warming ourselves for sometime.
I was so comfortable lying by the fire with my tail over my nose that I did not notice that the fire was burning lower until my human stood up and put more wood on the fire.
Instead of sitting back down he walked to the front door grabbed his feet coverings, his heavy body coverings and took them to the big glass sliding door. Then he got the big scooper and placed that by the door.

I got up from my warm spot by the fire which was now burning nicely again and giving up plenty of heat and I walked over to the big sliding glass door.

I stood up on my hind legs and pressed my front paws and nose against the glass which was cold. So I pulled back and sat down and looked up at my human.

A thought crossed my mind that he was going to be stupid and go out into the cold and start moving the white stuff that was covering the back area of the human habitation.

I mean no one could be that stupid to open a door and let all that nice warm air out. Or could they?
As I watched my human put on his feet coverings and then his hand coverings lastly his heavy looking body coverings and then to my horror he opened the sliding glass door. It was like a blast from a freezer that hit my face. It was not just cold but bitter cold. It cut into my whiskers filled my nose and cut into my fur.

Yet despite all that I wanted to see if the outside was as cold as the air blast that had hit me in the face. So I stepped into the doorway and sniffed the air.

I took a couple of steps outside on to the fake plastic grass that covered this little patio area that had a roof over it.

The air was not as cold but still cold enough to make me wrinkle my nose up at how cold it was.
Then my human reached down and picked me up. He placed on me his shoulder. So I buried my face into his face so that I could get some of the warmth back into me.

Instead of doing the smart thing that I would have done. My human stepped all the way onto the white stuff that covered the ground.It was so deep that it came up over the tops of his feet coverings.
He took a few more steps out into the white stuff and it was even deeper that it had been closer to the human habitation.

From my humans shoulder I could see over the wooden fence. There were huge hills far off that where also covered in the white stuff. And the trees I could see had a coating of the white stuff and piles of it all around them where some of the white stuff had slide off the trees.

There was an odd stillness to the air that I have never felt before. It was like all sound other than the breath of my human and his heart beat had stopped.

It was almost like the air was waiting to say something yet had not made up its mind of what it was going to say.

I sniffed the air again and placed my paws on my humans shoulder and stood up so I could get a better view of the area.

I guess that was a mistake on my part as my human might have thought I wanted down on the ground so I could find out what the white stuff was.

My human picked me off his shoulder and to my total and everlasting horror he placed me on or in the white stuff.

At first it was not too bad. Yes it was cold. But no it was not wet. Well not to start off with. But as it started to melt because of the warmth of my pads it felt yucky. Almost like wet damp litter. But very cold.

Then I felt its cold bite on my paws. So quickly I lifted one front paw and one hind paw of the ground.

But my other paws where still cold so placed my paws back on the ground and lifted my other paws off the ground.

The cold from the nasty horrible white stuff had gotten though my fur and had made me cold. But that was not the worst of it. The cold made my paws hurt and even my claws hurt. I could feel the cold biting into my pads which was worse than anything I had ever felt before. It was almost like the cold had turned burning hot.

As I shifted back and forth from one set of paws to the other I heard my human laughing softly.
I placed all my paws on the ground and turned just my head and looked at him.

“So you think it’s funny” I said muttering at him.

I was very upset with my human but I was not going to give him the satisfaction of watching me leap though this horrible white stuff. I was going to make him pick me up and carry me in and place me next to the fire so I could be warm.

I looked up at him again and this time I let out a low faint sad meow that my mother had taught me that makes humans do as we wish.

My human looked down at me and reached down and picked me up. At once I clung to him digging my claws into his coverings so that he would not put me down in the horrible nasty white stuff.
Gently and no longer laughing he took me back inside and placed me on the couch at the end nearest to the fire so I would once again be able to get warm. Which at the time I was sure would never happen again.

As I sat on the couch plotting me revenge on how I would make my human suffer for putting me out in that horrible nasty freezing cold shit!

As I sat there on the couch warming myself my anger started to fade.  Had my human really meant to freeze my paws off? Had he misunderstood what I wanted? Had he dumped me in the white nasty cold shit for his amusement?

The more I sat on the couch and the warmer I got I realized that I might have been at fault too. And that my human had thought that I wanted to get closer to that nasty horrible freeze cold stuff.

I could hear my human outside scooping up the nasty white stuff. So I stood up walked to the end of the couch and looked outside. There was my human clearing a path though the white stuff.
I hopped down off the couch and walked to the big sliding glass door and looked out at the pathway that had been cleared and then I looked up at what little of the sky I could see from the sliding glass door.
The sky now had patches of bright blue with white fluffy clouds. At the stillness I had heard before was gone and I could even see birds sitting on the high fence.

Yet I had a feeling that the white stuff would fall once again from the sky.

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