Monday, February 1, 2010

Life with Leo

Life with Leo
By Mary E. Adair

I never dreamed to meet a man
Who matched my thoughts so well
Who already had learned for himself
The way I choose to dwell.

Our belongings echoed our choices
So many we had made separately alike
Double copies of software applications
And even our cookware we can't strike

From the list of items we both had bought
The dishes, the colors of towels and sheets
We kept our books, our records, our clothes
Good thing neither is as old as Keats.

So onward we go with many things agreed
And when we don't agree, we sulk the same
So even when pouting, we behave so similar
The only difference is each other's name

But sulking doesn't take up all our time
For we love to get in the car and just go
So as long as I'm able to drive about
I guess we'll keep on hoeing this row.

©February 2010 Mary E. Adair

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