Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Angel Whispers

Gifts from the Universe

By Peg Jones

In October of 2010, I went to the Creativity Coaches Association conference at Lake George, New York. The trip was only about 4 hours away from Boston MA. I was so excited to be attending the conference because I would be surrounded with other very creative attendees. Friday night we had a get together of all the people attending in which we had our dinner meal and some icebreaker activities, mainly to get to know everyone. If you have done speed dancing then you will know what I had to do in meeting all of the others attending too.

The next day we attended some seminars and it was about how to get your coaching practice going and how to put together some projects to get you message out there to others.

There was discussion of putting together meditation tapes and there was talk about putting together workbooks and other types of ventures. Then I had a thought of doing cards using my angel messages. The idea was that I would look into making some cards using the messages I had received the past 6 months. I thought about it, hemmed, hawed, and then finally looked into my options of making this idea happen. I have done just that.

In talking about these cards, I am led to think that all things that we manifest in our lives is a matter of one idea. Like the idea, I had with the cards I wanted to make. Now the artwork is not original but the messages are. I feel I was truly led to make this project a reality for me and for others to receive. I believe The Law of Attraction was working big time. I also believe that with that thought that was given to me and acting on it, is a sure sign that my angels were with me during all of this.

We all have ideas, visions, or hopes for ourselves in our lives. I am finding that they will continue to be just an idea if we do not try to act on them. When I am talking about ideas, I am speaking of ideas that are of pure intention and creative and mostly ideas that are not destructive in any way to you or someone else. Sometime we say well I do not I have the money to even begin and we negate the idea right away. However, maybe we receive another hint from the universe or from people we meet. Like a step closer to the vision starting to become a reality. If this idea that you have has some meaning for you do not lose sight of the idea... Research, talk to people, call people. See where it all brings you. See how this one little idea can become the vision you originally had.

Small ideas turn into big realities. Let your idea grow for a while and let the process begin. Invite help from the universe and let yourself see the love our universe has for us. Getting those creative juices going whether we are writing or painting or drawing, or sculpting or teaching, for that matter. Let the creativity begin.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday. May family and friends surround you and may you have the best holiday ever. In addition, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year in our new year of 2011. May this be the year that good change occurs for all of us.

I also wanted to leave you with the web address for the cards so that you can see what they are all about. My link for the cards is . I am going to be selling them until December 15. So please look and let me know what you think about them.

Peg Jones
Certified Angelic Life Coach


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