Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Editor's Corner

December 2010

"Christmas comes but once a year" --Unknown 
We can hold Christmas within our hearts and wait for that once a year or we can shower the spirit forth upon all whom we meet throughout the year. Doesn't that sound like the better method?

At any rate, we also have Hanukkah to include in the holiday, though I'm aware that many Jewish friends of mine also observe some of the Christmas traditions, exchanging gifts and letting joy fill their homes. Here's a link to acquaint those who are interested in why this year the celebration is called Chanukah, and lots more info, Chanukah 2010 that's nice to know. (Click on comment at close of this column.)

Various authors approached this issue with a seasonal tribute as did Thomas F. O'Neill in his column "Introspective; or with a left-handed reference, such as the fun poem by Bruce Clifford, "Let's Be Naughty."

We found the minds of Leo C. Helmer with his article and Mattie Lennon with "Irish Eyes" on the same theme, railroads, and we are all aware that model trains are a favored present beneath the tree. Helmer already gifted himself with a new engine, in fact.

The article by June Hogue, "I Remember Ginger," is a tribute to a former band mascot locally. June has a knack with a story, and this is a poignant one. Speaking of stories, the continuing one, "Rabbo Tales," adds Chapter 5, part 2.

Bruce Clifford's other poems besides the one previously mentioned are "Everything She Said," "Voice Of Reason," and "Under The Rug." John I. Blair's poems for us are "At The Bottom Of The Well," "Ishmael The Wasp," "Linwood Creamery," "Dad," "The Oak There," and "Slim," with a picture of him.

"Always Looking - It's Complicated" is John I. Blair's column; "Angel Whispers" by Peg Jones, is inspirational. "Consider This" is a bit different for LC Van Savage; "Cookin' With Leo" comes in time to celebrate from Leo C. Helmer.

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  1. Mary thanks for the link to the Chanukah information site, which is a good one. We used to celebrate Chanukah each year with Jewish friends, singing songs, playing dreidel games, exchanging gifts and lighting the Menorah. It ain't Christmas, and the coincidence in timing is just that -- a coincidence. Anyone with an opportunity, and an invitation, should give it a try, and learn about a tiny bit of Judaism.
    John I. Blair