Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Angel Whispers

By Peg Jones

I have asked the angels to share a message with all about our new year 2011. They seem to be pleased that I have asked for their message. I believe they have been waiting for me to ask for their input. It as if I am seeing a group of angels who have the message they want to share on this day.

We come to you today to speak of the condition of the world and how we would like you all to consider on all that is happening here in our world. A lot that is going on is very troublesome and the situation is quite desperate. There have been demonstrations in Tunisia and there are demonstrations in Egypt as we speak. There is still war occurring in Afghanistan and the entire Middle East is very much a time bomb. We hope that a peaceful resolution can be worked out in Egypt.

We are asking the light workers of the world to hold peace vigils and prayer and healing services. We are asking that you continue to shine your light to all the world so that the many beams around the world look like one large beacon of light.

The angels ask us to do moments of silence and to spend some time in meditation. They also say this is a good time to do random acts of kindness when there is a call to do this. Helping your neighbor clear off their car full of snow or helping to shovel the snow away from their car from someone who is elderly is a welcomed random act of kindness.

They say that this is a time of great change for all on the earth plane and that we have seen the changes. Whether it be the weather changes taking place or the way in which we physically feel from day to day, these are all signs of the changes occurring.

I asked the angels what they would like to see on our earth plane for the year 2011. They say that service to all is something the angels would like to see here on earth. They would like to see the world calmer and more tolerant of each other’s beliefs and practices. They also say that peace begins in your family and peace begins within your heart. That is where your light is and that is where the love of our angels are too. The love of our higher power is also there. When feeling this serenity you will know that you have done your part to contribute to a peaceful world. Also paying attention to the messages you hear from your angels daily are a good way to stay connected to the Universe. The main thing to remember is that your angels won’t come to you until you ask them for help. Do ask for their guidance; you will see a difference in your life and you will feel the peace and the serenity in your heart.

The angels are also asking you to be kind to yourselves. I have heard this many times, that we are not able to help each other truly until we help ourselves first.

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