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2019 – A 12/3 UNIVERSAL YEAR


Numerologically, the year 2019 is a 12/3 Universal Year (2+0+1+9 = 12 = 3). In numerology, THREE represents creation, creative self-expression, emotion, artistic talents and endeavors, and healing and the healing arts. The 12/3 Universal Year is a waiting period during which a change of view, reversals, or submissions may very well be part of the dynamic. The 12/3 is representative of strong individual principles. This is a year during which we must cultivate the courage of our convictions and power to gain followers in its progressive ideas. This energy engenders the ability to see the truth and to create reform where necessary. We can use this energy to convince and lead by righting the wrongs of people and policies. It is imperative that we learn the truth of our crusades while daring to believe in that which we believe.

2019 may turn out to be a pivotal year worldwide as the positives and negatives are quite diametrically opposed and dramatic, and the emotional quotient that will be at play may bring about situations of an extreme nature. On the positive side, 2019 can be fertile ground for an expansion in the world of arts, entertainment, and recreation. Properly used, this energy will be conducive for the production of artistic works that can have a beneficial effect on those who are exposed to them. The climate will encourage the expression of thoughts, ideas, and emotions and will also be a platform for social issues and interactions. The THREE, being the number of creation, may also be a driving force in a continuation of spiritual understanding that was begun in 2018, and ELEVEN Universal Year. This would be a good year to begin in earnest, the healing of the SELF and the planet on which we reside. 2019 can be the birth of something new. All such progress and ideas must begin with “we the people”, the individuals and the energy will be such, that progress and ideas may be carried forth into the collective. People will definitely be more inclined to search for answers.

In the tarot, the number TWELVE is The Hanged Man. The keyword for this card is reversal. The Hanged Man can be interpreted in two very different ways. All change is a small kind of death, as the old must die to create the new, and it may simply indicate upheaval or change in our future, perhaps beyond our control, but more likely a decision, for good or ill, from which we will not be able to turn back. The other interpretation is one of sacrifice, although whether this sacrifice is small or great may not be easily interpreted. Both interpretations imply permanence, and that we should give very careful thought to the decisions in our collective lives. The Hanged Man card reflects a particular need to suspend certain actions. As a result, this might indicate a certain period of indecision. This means that certain actions or decisions which need to be properly implemented are likely to be postponed even if there is an urgency to act at this particular moment. In fact, it would be ultimately the best if we are capable of stalling certain actions in order to ensure that we have more time to reflect on making critical decisions. This will ultimately be the best.

Astrologically, the number THREE is associated with the planet Jupiter. In Indian numerology and astrology, Jupiter is the remover of darkness and a teacher of righteousness, justice and self-illumination. We must continue to shed the darkness and move towards the light. The journey and the lifting of the veil begins with each of us as individuals. As within, so without. As above, so below.

Other conditions and events during 2019 should bring about new developments in the world of medicine and pharmaceuticals. I would anticipate a major breakthrough in the treatment, and/or elimination, of at least one major health affliction. This may also be a year in which words take on a new level of importance. We, the people, may find a new voice through which we can express our dissatisfaction and upsets with the powers that be. It may be a multitude of individuals or it may be the voice of a new leader, or leaders, who may galvanize people into action. Watch for a major talk or speech by a world leader that will have tremendous effect on all. There may also be new “words” regarding justice and law and order. On the positive side, this may be a new approach to the way crimes and criminals are handled (Something that took place within the last six weeks of 2018. As with all new Personal or Universal Years, the effects of the Year are usually first felt 4-6 weeks before the Year actually begins.) Negatively, it may portend new laws that may be more restrictive (especially in matters of speech and self-expression). This could lead to crackdowns on the voice of dissension around the globe. As people look to create more recreation and fun activities in their lives, we may see the introduction of some new, fun-based or recreational fad. There may also be a collective lifting of spirits through the spending of more money on fun and leisure activities. The inclination will be for people to enjoy life, and the fears and obstacles of the current economic situations may be dissipated through a collective desire to break loose and throw caution to the wind. Another possibility in the realm of politics is the potential rise of a third party and, we should remain especially vigilant regarding third-party interference in our affairs.

The negative side of the THREE Universal year is not pleasant and may create more imbalance, unfairness and dis-ease upon us and our planet. It may be quite dramatic as there may be a tendency towards extreme emotional reactions, and even overreactions, to events. Such activities could lead to more oppressive behavior and actions from those in power. Every action creates an equal reaction. With that in mind, caution must be exercised and be preceded by thoughtful contemplation. People must also be aware of a tendency to scatter energy. Attempting too much, too quickly will not produce anything that is worthwhile. Restlessness and recklessness are certainly conditions of which people are mindful. This applies not only to individuals, but governments as well. Such behaviors will create greater tensions between the parties involved. (Watch for this to manifest between countries in the global arena.) There may be an increase in the use of guns and weapons, and an escalation in brutality and aggressive or warlike behavior.

Even more importantly, people, institutions and governments must be aware of the fact that extreme actions and behaviors will create equally great and extreme results and reactions. Extravagance will lead to a dissipation of wealth and resources; an exhaustion of resources will lead to a wasteland; and risk will lead to more loss. The indication here would be that the lessons of the past two years have not been learned, and we will all suffer accordingly. The lesson here is to avoid excess. Be conservative and resourceful. The more that pleasure is pursued, the more likely the result will be less constructive outcomes. To illustrate this, think back to what the excesses of 1929 led to...the crash of 1929 and the world was plunged into its worst ever economic crisis. The situations of 1938 led to the outbreak of World War II. The peace that followed WWII (1947) led to the Atomic Age and the beginning of the Cold War. The tensions of the Cold War in 1956 led to an increase in the race for technological advantages and an escalation in the geo-political climate in the world. 1965 was the harbinger of social changes never before seen. 1974 saw a political scandal and tragedy of new proportions, and the world was never the same. 1983 saw dramatic situations in the economic climate. 1992 brought with it a new level of partisanship and divisiveness in the political arena. 2001 brought us the events of September 11, and a new level of government interference and the erosion of personal liberties and rights. A new dynamic was created. The common thread here is the fact that all of the years mentioned were THREE Universal years. Be mindful that more greed and wasteful extravagance will precede trouble. Watch for the dramatic event(s) in 2019 and know that another shift is upon us. It is this very energy which we must collectively work to change.

Through positive creation and actions and activities of an enlightened nature, the outcomes can be affected. We must use our voices and speak out against the injustices, excesses, and abuses of which we become aware. The ride may get bumpier, but the potential for a new and better world is always there for the creating. Be true to yourself. Use the creative energy of 2019, and make the changes which will benefit your immediate world, and the world as a whole.

I implore each of you to do your part. Raise your voices. Allow yourself to be heard. Participate where you can. The future belongs to all of us, not just to a bunch of rich and powerful people who are seeking to create a world in their own image.

Blessings of Love & Light
Michael John Fierro
Numerologist/Author/Lecturer/Life Coach

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