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Editor's Corner

January 2019

"Auld Lang Syne ”
youtube.com presentation by Susan Boyle
( Auld Lang Syne
9eme chanson de l'album "The Gift" de Susan Boyle.)
Auld Lang Syne 
performed by Susan Boyle

A New Year! The days to come will be what you make of them so get your best skills sharpened to carve your future the way you desire. Writing, composing should always be at or very near the top of the list for authors, and we look forward to helping you get your compositions published. One never knows how much someone's life may be bettered by simply seeing something inspirational or even simply encouraging so that when they read it the words go straight to their heart.

As the old year ends, we come to recognize that it is filled with "Yesterdays" which happens to be the title of the essay found in the articles prepared by Sharlynn Wamsley, her first appearance in our ezine. We look forward to more from her. Another author we always welcome is LC VanSavage who has besides her column, "Consider This," a story "Jack, Harry, and the Artist," and an article "The Top of My Grandmother's Dresser." We find ourselves recalling similar things from our own grandmother's dresser - a memory awakening.

Michael John Fierro who formerly did a column "By The Numbers" here graciously is sharing his forecast: "2019 – A 12/3 UNIVERSAL YEAR." Not to be missed. SusanD Dimitrakopoulos aka Spuds, submitted the autobiography of the late Billy Van who made us laugh (think Hilarious House of Frightenstein, Party Game, Sonny & Cher, and the Colt 45 guy). Susan, a professional photographer has been seen in pencilstubs before.

Marilyn Carnell also has both an article, "Aging in Place," and her column "Sifoddling Along" handles a self analysis without trepidation. Thomas F. O'Neill has returned to Suzhou, China, just in time to share some uTube scenes of the Christmas celebrations including fireworks in his column, "Introspective."

Mattie Lennon author of "Irish Eyes" discusses a different role for a well known politician in Ireland and then offers his friend's suggestion for New Year Resolutions you Will keep. Judith Knoll author of "On Trek" speaks of what Religion means and doesn't mean. "Cooking with Rod" by Rod Cohenour turns to with one of his spouse's attractive and delicious recipes, M’s Meatballs in Sweet N Hot Sauce.

Melinda Cohenour's "Armchair Genealogy" shares that through DNA, family members who link to her first husband's lineage, and thus to her two children and their descendants, have been located and an ongoing conversation has emerged. The story is fascinating and may lead you and others in your family to have their DNA submitted if it has not already been done.

One thing your editor cherishes is the opportunity to receive and publish the poetry our authors compose. Some months find them so busy that they have hardly taken pen to hand - or hands to computer. Nevertheless the poetry submissions for January have arrived and they are named below:
    Carrie E. Joslin, "Walking With Alice Anne,"
    Bruce Clifford "The Sparkle in Your Eyes;"
    John I. Blair's four are: "The Secret," "Looking for Brillance," "At November's End," and accompanied by the subject's pic (of Patio Cat) "There You Sit."
    Bud Lemire sent this trio: "The Christmas Bell," "The Enemy Within," and "What We Become."
            Judith Knoll has a poem this issue: "Our Healing Earth."

* * * * *

December 7, '18, received this message from one of our early authors:
Fri 3:09 PM Hi, Mary - not sure if you saw already, but I have a new novel that was released last month. Hope all is going well with you and happy holidays!
Then Came Darkness a novel by D. H. Schleicher.
David HS

His "thrilling new Depression-era noir from Mabus Publishing" is available in trade paperback ($11.99 USD) and Kindle eBook ($4.99 USD) editions. His Blog can be found here:The Schleicher Spin

Cover Photo courtesy of Unsplash by Felix Besombes -- See Below.

* * * * *

Delighted to see that our webmaster Mike Craner whose patience and expertise underline this ezine, was actually getting to have a vacation with family. Perhaps he will share some pics with us soon.

See you in February 2019 which is the first issue of the 22d volume of Pencil Stubs Online.

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