Monday, June 1, 2020

Editor's Corner


June 2020

“It is dry, hazy June weather.
We are more of the earth,
farther from heaven these days.”

― Henry David Thoreau.

We can but hope this quote rings true for all the areas that have had far too much rain recently, causing flood conditions in numerous states here in the USA. Dry sounds good.

We were surprised by the lack of Memorial Day submissions for the May issue, but lo and behold, now we have several. Some are poignant, some seem blessings, but we are including all references in columns and poetry.

Thomas F. O'Neill, whose column "Introspective," comes to us from China where he teaches, tells us that people there are relaxing their social distancing suggestions and includes a video to illustrate his point. In her column "Sifoddling Along," Marilyn Carnell, who spent Memorial Day alone because of the Pandemic, tells of other serious epidemic health problems she has been able to get through.

LC Van Savage shares a detailed near epic poem on married life, in particular her life with her husband in her "Consider This" column. Rod Cohenour ("Cooking with Rod") prepares and shares directions to a favorite recipe devised in 2004 by his wife Melinda.

Judith Kroll ("OnTrek") returns with her thoughts about Love and includes a memory from her childhood. Mattie Lennon in "Irish Eyes" titles his column "Poems, Prose, and No Writers’ Week." He continues by saying (and proving) writers are still writing and announces the winner of the Listowel Writers' competition.

We happily welcome the intriguing new column by John I. Blair, "View from My Back Steps." And yes, he does have some poetry as well: "Iantha Memorial Day," "Love and Laughter," "Thoughts and Deeds," and "Snuggle Cat."

We are delighted Phillip Hennessy has sent in a poem "Those Days of Wine and Roses" for this issue. Bud Lemire's three poems are "World Gone Mad," "Behind the Walls," and in a lighter mood, "Uneeka." Our Cruise Ship poet, Bruce Clifford, still docked by the lockdown shared these "These Days, Oh These Days," "Take It All from Me," and the clever "Social Resistance." Keith Vander Wees, whose poetry has been included many times in our eZine, shows the romantic, written for his wife Elaine, "To Me."

The article is published by special permission from our former columnist Dayvid Clarkson. His essay "What I Wish for You" is a lovely addition for our times.

Half the calendar year under our belts, Mike! (Of course our eZine year begins in February.) Let me again express how grateful I am for your expertise as well as your friendship and support in this endeavor.

See you in July.

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