Sunday, November 1, 2020


By Walt Perryman

America has many different types of people around,
Some are flying high; some never get off of the ground.
Some Americans are givers, and some are takers,
We have some real deals, and we have many fakers.
We have some smart people and some that are not,
We have many with no money and a few with a lot.
We are from different colors and different races,
We are also a country of happy and sad faces!
We are losing the freedoms that we once knew,
No one can fix-it but Americans like me and you.
If you are on the left in the middle or on the right,
To survive we’ll have to stand together and fight.
But, we had better get together if it’s not too late,
If we don’t, we’re facing a deadly and terrible fate.
If we don’t stand together we are bound to fail,
Our once proud America will become pure hell.
Some of us believe in God and some of us don’t,
Unless we ask for his help then he probably won’t.
I am sorry but I believe this is all American’s fault,
Even me, I am an American and my name is Walt.

©2020 Walt Perryman
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