Friday, January 1, 2010

Angel Whispers

By Peg Jones

Happy New Year!

Another new year is upon us. The first decade of our 21st century has gone by so quickly. A lot has happened in our world and in our lives the past ten years. There have been times of great difficulty, times of sadness, and times of great joy, and times of new beginnings and endings in our world. This ten year milestone in our world gives us the criteria to know how we may want to live out the rest of the century. We have global warming upon us. How are we going help our earth to heal and to get back on track? How are we going to help the hungry, the war torn and those living in poverty every day of their of lives. How are we going to help our economy heal, and become healthy again?

Yet there is a lot to be thankful for in our lives and that is what I want to focus on in this column. We are survivors in all that has been occurring this past decade. We are learning to dust off and get back up. We are realizing how small our world is because of the technology we have at this time in our history. The internet has helped us to communicate to others around the world. Can you believe that it takes less than a minute for an email to arrive from overseas or halfway around the world? How great is that? Did you ever think you could send an email around the world in that amount of time?

Our technology has surpassed all mankind’s dreams. We are finding ways and cures to heal the sick, to communicate with people of all disabilities through assistive technology. We are connecting with each other all over the world and this connecting has led to many friendships. We are finding that we truly are the same in our everyday affairs. I know that I never thought about how someone in Europe lived their everyday life. It wasn’t important to me. Why would it be that important? I now have the privilege of speaking with others across the seas and finding out about their everyday lives. It really is amazing when you think of it.

I am finding that those living overseas are not so different from what my life is here in the USA. There are words that are used, that I don’t use in the same way; yet they are speaking English. I find that fascinating as I love to learn the many uses a word can have. I think the internet has helped us to become aware of other parts of the world in ways we never dreamed possible. Despite the many problems in our world, we have become more aware of how others are living; more that we ever have in the history of the world. Many are feeling a lot of empathy and they are able to express their concerns to each other.

The ease with which we are able to communicate with each other is something that has not occurred until recently. Our world really is small. We can work together to be of assistance to each other, communicate, help, brain storm with each other, in our world. Together we can help the world economy to heal, help the sick, the poor, and bring peace to the world. By becoming more aware that we are all one and our interests and needs are the same, we can survive the future and put our best foot forward. God and the angels are guiding each one of us to do this and with the help of the technology that we have in our world, let’s make good use of it all. Take a moment to smile to a stranger, to say hi to the lonely and to share your knowledge with those who may be in need.

We can start by mending relationships in our lives whether with family or friends. We can start with saying good morning, how are you today, in our homes, and doing the chores that need to be done, each day. If we can show love to our loved ones, think of how this love can trickle to all of mankind. Remaining positive and remembering what you can be grateful for is so important. The universe loves to hear how grateful you are. I think we are learning that all things are possible, but we have got to start the process. It’s hard when only one party makes the effort, because nothing is settled such as in a war or communication with all we come into contact. Just think of all of the possibilities, if we all put our best foot forward at all times.

For this year, I pray and hope that this will be a year of promises realized and a year of stating goals or resolutions that are successful in fulfilling. May all your dreams come true and may you have a year of laughter, successes, abundance and love in your lives. May your health be strong and may you find the peace that you would like to have come true for you. Let 2010 be a year of positive energy for you and your family. Our angels are with us more than we realize because they know we are in need of their guidance. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help, they are waiting for you to ask.

God Bless and Happy New Year

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