Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Where We Go

One moment they're here, the next they're not
In a blink of an eye, who would have thought
The place where they stood, they place where they sat
Who truly knew the place where they were at
Did they touch someone, and was it so deep
Did they pass away sometime in their sleep
I thought about them and wrote this poem
Because I know they're doing better, they've gone back home

Home is in Heaven, where all souls reside
It's where we go after we've died
Life isn't over, at least not for the soul
When the body stops working, we're once again whole

The pain we endured is over and done
We've complete life's journey, and we become One
One with our self, of all we can be
Beyond Earthly visions, with much more to see

In the Heavenly world, our soul is so bright
The love is much stronger within God's light
Goodbye for now, but we'll meet in time
When I pass over and my journey becomes divine
©May 16, 2012 Bud Lemire
It's always much harder on those left behind.
But those who have passed, are back home
in the light and doing so much better.

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