Sunday, July 1, 2012


Your words are unkind
Your heart is not pure
for this reason
I don't want you anymore

You've broken my heart
You've cause me much pain
For this reason
I must walk away

Your breaking me down
You've singled me out
For this reason
I'm much better without
Without you in my life

Your motives are unkind
You leave me depressed
For this reason
I've been so upset

Have you looked into my eyes
They are now empty because of you
Your words are unkind
Now I know what I must do

Your thoughts are unkind
I know this for sure
For this reason
I have walked out the door

You've twisted my soul
It's torn me apart
How could you be so unkind
Wish I had known from the start

©6/9/12 Bruce Clifford

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