Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Angel Whispers

August Angel Message

Angels talk of the peace within so much and what that means to us. We sometimes forget what it is like to go within, because so many things are going on, on the outside of us, that we forget to take the time to go with in and to become centered within. When we focus outside of us consistently, we don’t have the centering to retreat to all outside activity. There is a way we can go within and that is through meditation.

Here are some of the ways you can do this going with in:
1. Listen to music that is relaxing and soothing. As you listen to the music take some deep breaths and some breaths out too. Closing your eyes try to think of nothing for a few minutes. Let the thoughts go in and let them go out without any sort of attachment to them. Do this for a few minutes to totally close off from what is around you or outside of you.
2. There are some really good audio meditations that you can purchase and listen to. They bring you to a place of peace and relaxation. They will help you as you visualize what you are hearing and focusing on the meditation.
3. Going to a place that safe in your mind and imagining what it is what you are seeing as a place that is safe for you. Imagine what you are sensing using all of your senses in getting to a place of relaxation and peace.
4. Pick your place of where you would like to go and just visualize being there.
5. Imagine you are going to your heart place. A place within you where your God and your angels reside and there is nothing but peace, serenity, clarity. You can choose the color of your heart place and who is there with you in the heart place.
6. Go for a walk on the beach or in the woods or a place you love to be at and just go within taking in all of the senses of what you are feeling at the particular time.
7. Do something creative such as crafts or writing, painting, collage making. Write what is deep within your heart and paint what you are feeling. You could also draw, sketch what you are seeing. Knitting and needle work is another type of meditation. As you are going within to the heart place…
8. Imagine joy and how you would be when you feel this way…. Let the pain fall away and let the joy show through…. Put on some meaningful music to do this exercise.
9. Make a vision board of your wishes and dreams for you. Use magazine pictures and photos and words for the board.
10. Put on some music while cleaning and let yourself go and take notice as how you felt when partaking in this activity.
There is so much you can do to help yourself go within, to take time for you in a meditative manner. The possibilities are endless. What ideas do you have for going within ?

A simple meditation for helping you to go within is to imagine you are with your angel, or guardian angel. You are having a conversation with them and asking them questions. Then you just go to the place within where you are able to listen to the answers that your angels have for you. You might want to try to write down what it is you are hearing from them.
One other to try when you want to connect to your angels or to God, is to write a letter about your concerns, dreams, etc. and then write a letter that is from them with their answers to your questions. It can be a very cathartic experience and very healing too.

Start out small and don’t have too many expectations when trying to go within. It’s the tiny steps that help the process to be successful. Have fun with this and enjoy the process.

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