Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Circle's Getting Smaller

The circle's getting smaller,-
The friends are getting less
The few of those just left behind
They know and love you best

Respect don't come for free, you know,
You got to Earn it, fair and square
And tho it may take Long to grow,
We lose it quick, when we don't Care.

Care for Self, and do for others
keep what matters in your mind
Don't be thinking no one cares
Because they Do, most of the time.

There could be days spent all alone
And nights so dark they hurt
No sleep, just dreams of union
and nightmares, coloured dirt

Then in the light and cold of day
The love you dreamed shines long
It's so, so mad, when love is here
and so, so sad, when it's all gone.

©2012 Phillip Hennesey aka Phillipo

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