Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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Online clocks, ticks and chimes

Online clocks of all kinds crowd the internet. Our favorite is Yugo Nakamura's remarkable Industrious Clock, which is is also a calendar: Industrious Clock.

A similar clock with human figures instead of hands is shown on a Persian website: Persian Clock.   Nakamura (born 1970 in Nara, Japan) is one of Japan's leading web designers. He has exhibited and lectured in Asia, United States and Europe. His artwork has been shown at Centre Pompidou (Paris), Vienna K├╝nstlerhaus (Vienna), and the Design Museum (London). describes Nakamura's mind-boggling website: "For those of us who are still slightly baffled by the Internet -- and even for jaded digerati -- the MONOcrafts site is magic. It's the bunny that disappears into a top hat to end up squealing in the third row. Magic. "Even the front page of MONOcrafts' site provides potentially endless entertainment. To the tender sounds of keyboard tapping and computer bleeps, a series of text-filled gray boxes wraps across your screen and grows, shrinks, slows down, and speeds up in perfect accord with the movement of your mouse."

You can hear more of those tender sounds on these videos:
Here's a kingsize clock.
And here are more online clocks (alarm, wall etc., five colors).

In line with London's Olympic Games, our Gold Medal goes to the : Dandelion Clock,
the Bronze Medal to the Persian clock (linked above),
and the Wooden Spoon to this : potato clock video.

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