Saturday, December 1, 2012

Can I Get Me through Today

Can I get me through today
Within these thoughts of you
Can love keep me here, and stay
Within my heart, so true

If only, all those things you said
weren't engraved upon my mind
and I could be so cool, instead
My love, had been so blind

I could not see, I could not think,
I didn't feel I needed to
Because my love, it was the link
From my soul, unto you

and now I see it was a dream
That came true, within the night
The mourning after, now it seems
So different, in the light

And even though my love is here
And you're a Life away
I just love you, that is clear
Your happiness is here, today

To you, I ask, please wait for me
If you can hear my prayer
My love is here, for you, today
and every night, it's there.

©Phillip Hennessy

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