Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ideology and Pathology

Ideology and Pathology
Concept and fact
With both affecting first with words
Change how you act.

You find yourself doing those 'never' things
Sworn you'd not do
Envisioning a better life perhaps
All new to you

Every waking thought becomes wrapped up
Restraints shattered
As they tumble 'round and yet round again
All that mattered

Shaking you, but intriguing you, too,
Choosing your way
To bring into being the salvation
Now held at bay

Step by step you're converted to a plan
Meant to defeat
Those obstacles deemed to bar the path
You will complete

Obsessing, intellectualizing,
Each breath you take
Realizing the you, you are, is really
So much at stake

Idealizing, conceptualizing,
Does seem the key--
Higher thoughts instead of plain elbow grease--
That works for me!

©10/20/12 Mary E. Adair

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