Saturday, December 1, 2012

Everyone We Meet

 (It's great to meet so many wonderful people 
as we journey through this lifetime)

Everyone we meet in life, has a role to play
Sometimes we're the teacher, sometimes it is they
There is always a lesson we can learn
Of the people we meet, whichever way we turn

The journey of the soul, takes in everything
Gently as it moves ahead, never hovering
Touching others, gently with its light
So their wings open, and they can take flight

Traveling life's path, helping those in need
Wherever we end up, wherever it may lead
Those souls that are lead before our eyes
Stand before us truly, naked of any disguise

Sometimes our advice is what they need to hear
To calm them of their obstacles, and rid them of their fear
It may be something we never experienced before
Somehow we knew the right words to help them through the door

There's always some reason why people come and go
Even if the answers are some we'll never know
Their touch and their influence, touches us so deep
When our lives cross with Everyone We Meet

©Oct 3, 2012 Bud Lemire

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