Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Tree Of Genealogy

Once again, I'm deep into my family tree
Gathering relatives, and what they mean to me
Cousins, they seem to be everywhere
I bet I even have some, who are unaware

 You have to have an interest, in your family history
Willing to delve into, those who are a mystery
If you aren't interested, distant cousins you'll not find
Out of your reach, are those not on your mind

 I like to see their pictures, those relatives of mine
And know that when I research, it is a special sign
That their wishes, are to share all that I do
With cousins and other relatives, so they would know too

I tried a new method, adding their information to an index card
It's easier to follow them, and it doesn't make it hard
I can find missing information, any time at all
Because many times, I come upon a brick wall

Just when you think, that they are out of sight
Information will appear, with a guiding light
Just be a little patient, because when the time is right
You'll soon find yourself, caught up in family delight

Nothing is more interesting, than doing your family history
Where did they come from, unravel the family mystery
Nothing is more fun, than climbing the Tree of Genealogy
Finding so many relatives, and how they're related to me
©April 18, 2018 Bud Lemire
                          Author Note:
I started researching my ancestry in 1990. And have found
out so much about my ancestors and other relatives. I even
took a trip to Quebec in 2001, and met so many relatives, and
walked the land my ancestors did. I've met many cousins, who
have become very dear to my heart. It's been an amazing climb,
and I think I shall enjoy it for many years to come.

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