Monday, October 1, 2018

Old Rocking Chair

Old rocking chair, I bet that you could tell some stories
Rocking chair, I bet you've heard a secret or two.
Rocking chair, you've been rockin' round this world awhile
You seem like an old friend even though to me you're new.

As I sit here rocking in my new old rocking chair
I sense images of long ago. Almost see the people standing there
There's Mother in her gingham dress, rocking Baby bye
Thinking if I have to throw this chair off the wagon train I'll die.

Old rockin' chair. You have sailed across the ocean
Rocking chair. You've traveled sea to shining sea
Rocking chair. Time traveler through the generations
Oh yes you are an old friend, even though you're new to me.

Old rockin' chair.................................

©2018 Kimberly Marquette

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