Monday, October 1, 2018

On Trek


Precious Life

      It is Lilac time in the Cascades. The scent is surround smell. Waking up holding on to that first cup of coffee, the aroma swirling around and nudging our senses open.

      A whiff of lilac takes you on a journey of gratefulness. Grateful to be alive, to be aware, to become one with all.

      Surround sound of birds captivates the morning stillness echoing harmonically their joyfulness. Feel their joy along with them. Breathe the vibrations.

      Embrace the soft spellbinding breeze,watch the sun tiptoe thru the universe on it’s way to caress your face and penetrate to your soul warm healing energy.

      What a start to another precious day of life on planet earth. Hold that moment in time, a gift for you from the Universe. Judith 5/21/18

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