Saturday, December 1, 2018


It's always such an impressive sight
     To see the nurses in spotless white,
Who answer your call be it day or night
     Just by the flash of your little hall light.

Your room is so tidy, there's a freshly mopped floor.
     You've candy and gifts and flowers galore.
And "Get Well" wishes arrive by the score.
      Breakfast in bed, lunch--dinner too,
No shopping, no cooking, no dishes to do. And for once in her life she finds that it's true,
     She has time to listen after asking, "What's new?"
They feed her and bathe her and that is not all,
     They rub her twice daily with alcohol.
She lives like a queen--whoops,
     She has started to bawl!
She had rather be home - work, worry and all.

 ©1959 Carrie E. Joslin

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