Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Life That You Touch

When planning a family, remember what I say
Share all your love, for it’s the only way
A child with love, is like a seed with sunshine
It’ll grow in the light, and be blessed by the divine

Don’t abuse the new life, that’s given to you
Or darkness will prevail, in everything you do
What is learned, and taught at the start
Will leave a scar, that will never part

Wherever this soul, happens to go
It’ll carry the pain, of the memories it knows
The future all depends, on the love that you give
How they are treated, is how they will live

Be someone to look up to, make them so proud
Don’t mess up their lives, for crying out loud
The love that you give, or the love that they lack
Depends upon you, on how it’ll come back

As you sit all alone, in your old age
Wishing you could change some words on the page
The damage you did, was already done
Love was missing, now you have no one

While others are surrounded, by love that’s returned
You get back exactly what you had earned
So while you are out there, making a living
The Life That You Touch, depends on what you’re giving

©Dec 18, 2007 Bud Lemire

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