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2020 is the 4th year in the current Universal nine-year cycle which began in 2017. As with all years, there are positive and negative aspects, and it is my belief, considering the current worldwide situation that once again, there may be extremes on both sides. Much will be determined by the actions and activities of the year that ends on December 31, 2019 (a THREE Universal year). The 20th Century brought us a series of 22/4 Universal Years from 1939-1993. These were years filled with vision, change, progress and, so many things that changed dynamics worldwide across the board. During the 22/4 Years we created and experienced a great many things that changed the world as we knew it. All the other 4 Universal Years in the 20th Century were 13/4s. A 13/4 Year carries with it a strong element of karma especially in the realm of changes and transitions, life and death, although not necessarily actual physical death, the passing of the old making way for the new. The choices that are made in a 13/4 Year can carry great influence on the world in which we live. After this brief series of 4 Universal Years that were 2002, 2011, and 2020 in 2029, the 4 Universal Years will once again be under the influence of the 13/4. We can anticipate during 2020 a trend that takes us back to the basics, with a focus on actually doing the work of truly building for the future. 2020 includes two zeroes. In my work, the 0, while not considered a number in Numerology, shows transition on the level of the preceding number. In this case, that number is 2 and it happens twice which will magnify and amplify the lessons that will appear. This year will provide an ongoing series of events and circumstances that will require co-operation of all sides in finding resolutions, solutions and, answers. This is a major year for growth on this level. We must all take the time to examine, study and, understand opposing points of view so that we may better work together on coming together, to work on what must be done. This year brings with it a need to define and, bring order to things.

On the positive side, 2020 can be a year of concrete action directed towards creating and building a more stable world for the future. Some of the stronger aspects of the FOUR represent structure, foundations, and organization. This year has potential to be a ground-breaking year in the re-creation of a world that accommodates and cares for everyone. When one considers the breakdown of systems and establishments in the preceding three years (beginning in 2017), it can be understood how these systems must be rebuilt, and how they must be reconstructed to benefit the many, and not the few. The seeds that were sown in 2017 will take on clearer form in the world. This should be a year of slow and careful building resulting in permanent and useful conditions that benefit the greater good and not just the few. The 4 demands organization and structure in the construction of a strong foundation for all things and all people. These demands come with a responsibility to enact things properly. The result of not acting responsibly and in an orderly fashion will be chaos.

2020 should see an increase in construction projects and in government projects related to infrastructure and commerce. If world leaders act in a manner that is beneficial to everyone, there can be a reversal of the recent trend of neglecting that which is important and serves the greater good. There may be a renewed interest and participation in farming, both on a large scale and in an increased interest in home gardens. The 4 Universal Year is a good year for farming. Perhaps we will see a turn-around in the ongoing crisis that is wreaking havoc on many portions of the agriculture and dairy farming segments of society. A portion of this interest will emanate from a greater desire by people to exercise thrift and economy in their personal lives. The FOUR vibration is also beneficial for the sectors concerning manufacturing and education. Another positive aspect of a FOUR Universal year is a greater desire toward tact and cooperation between people; citizenry and their governments; and, between countries on a global scale. There may be a challenge to traditions and recently accepted modes of behavior which can have great potential to re-establish the bond between governments and their citizens on a more cooperative and equitable level.

While it is true that the American economy is doing well, it is not really doing well for everyone. Being as top-heavy as it currently is, we must be aware of the events of 1929, the end of the Roaring 20s (a 3 Universal Year) and be cautious that we do not experience a similar type of downturn brought about by the behavior of the very wealthy and governments that cater to them at the expense of the general population. Even if it isn't as dramatic, it could still create greater societal problems than we currently have. With that in mind, it is also a possibility that there may develop a shortage of liquidity in business, government, and on a personal level. This would be a direct result of the excesses of the “good times” and the failure of individuals, nations and corporate entities to realize the errors of their ways. We have seen this first-hand with corporations that benefited from great tax cuts taking the money saved and not turning around and using it to build business. Rather, they have taken that money and pocketed it. Great for the stockholders...not so great for the overall health of the economy. Just as Icarus flew too close to the sun and crashed back to earth, so may the economy find that it too “flew too high only to fall hard, back to reality”. Hard times may become a reality for many. If too many people feel as though they are increasingly being marginalized, we may see protests of a large scale. In many ways, this is the case in numerous countries around the world.

Special attention must be paid to the negative aspects of the FOUR vibration of 2020, as much of this will be determined by how current situations are handled by those in power. The negative 4 is the antithesis to form, function, organization and, discipline. 2020 may see a rise in violence and violent confrontations around the world in a broad spectrum of countries. This rise may be in the form of civil disobedience and/or wars. Accompanying these events may be the fall of governments as the level and intensity of protests grow increasingly more strident. How governments and power entities react to people raising their voices will have a great effect on the behavior of those people. Dissension, and a move away from conventional behavior(s) may be the result of people's dissatisfaction with their leaders. On the most extreme level, reactions by leaders and governments could range from crackdowns, police and/or military actions, and even martial law being established. The 4 represents restrictions, confinement, obstacles and prison. Societies may exercise a greater level of offensive behavior and dissension may be expressed. Were situations to escalate, people may be surprised at the level of reaction that is exercised on both sides. Other things to be mindful of are a continuation of the ongoing series of natural disasters that are plaguing every corner of the planet. Over the past years we have certainly seen an ever-increasing number of events that seem to be growing in number and intensity on a weekly basis.

As with all vibrations in Numerology (and all situations in life), choices must be made on an individual and collective level. The negative aspects of 2020 should be impetus enough for people to work towards making this a better world in which to live. The world is changing. As can be seen by the events and situations yearly since 2008 (a ONE Universal year), nothing is immune to changes and transformations. You, the individual, must work toward bettering your personal existence and by doing that, you can help to change the collective. Be aware of your behavior, beliefs, and mind-set and pay attention to that which is going on in the world around you. Take part in making your voice heard in creating fairness and equity for all. It is imperative that we hold our leaders accountable and, failing that, they should be removed from office.

Happy New Year!
Blessings of Love & Light

Michael John Fierro
Numerologist/Author/Lecturer/Media Guest

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