Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A Private Poem

I write the words, to a private poem
I'd tell you more, but it must remain unknown
There is so much, that I could write
Due to privacy, it'll be kept out of sight 
They say it protects, the one in regards
Yet I wonder, who's holding the cards
There's so much, that I want to say
But it's their rules, that I must play
Don't post my picture on the internet, or there will be trouble
If you post it on Facebook, it will be double
Please follow the rules, that privacy entails
Be the unknown, when all else fails
I personally think, privacy is taken too far
I think that person, should be memorialized like a star
To share their greatness, for others to see
Would make it known, of who they came to be
Don't take down the Residential Directories, people must be found
You aren't hiding them, there's always the wise bloodhound
There's always a paper trail, that is left behind
And where they are, that's who you'll find
An enhanced Drivers License with a star
Okay, now I know you've taken it too far
My current Drivers License, has all you need to know
I believe it's time, for this privacy thing to go
©Dec 19, 2019 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
I've decided to go public with this privacy thing. I truly
do believe we have become a paranoid country with so many rules
of privacy. It's totally crazy. It is scaring people.
I refuse to be scared. I refuse to be private. I have accepted
some rules, not that I agree with them. So by all means, whenever
I can, I bring privacy to the public.
Because no matter how private you think you might be,
there is someone out there who knows all about you.

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