Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Waiting For The Blue To Show

I'm waiting for the blue to show
They're coming today, this I know
When they come, they bring a smile
They make me feel good, for quite awhile
They bring me to Bingo, so I can play
Some even sit down, and they stay
I love it when I win a prize
Doesn't matter what their size

Oh yes, I'll play Cover Up too
They'll be there, the ones in blue
Guiding me as I shake the dice
I must say, they sure are nice

I like purple, but I love blue
In fact, I like everything they do
They bring a smile to a lonely heart
In this lifetime, they play a special part

Oh what a special day it will be
I watch and look and hope to see
They're coming today, this I know
I'm Waiting For The Blue To Show
©Oct 17, 2019 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
The Blue by their well known name are
Senior Companions. I'd like to think if
I was old and lived alone or in a Nursing
Home, I'd look forward to the Blue to show.
They are fun loving people, and I'd enjoy my
time with them. In fact being a Senior Companion,
I work with some of the best people in Blue.
we were meant to be..

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