Wednesday, July 1, 2020

It’s Hard to love Someone

It's Hard to love Someone who won't love their Self
To Watch them do things, you Know won't end well
It's Hard to love Someone who just wants to Die,
So, you Love them to Death, and then wonder Why

Could it be that the Reason was lost on the Way
You're down on your knees and there's not much to say
Don't be Sad it's all over, be Glad that you Shared
Be Happy you Loved, be Happy, you Cared

The Hard becomes Easy, when you Understand
Your Reason for Being, is Out of your hands
Your Purpose, is Love - and that includes You
So Start with your Self, and Then, others, Too!

You're here in your Body, You're here, in your skin
There's no looking Back, and there's no looking In
Whatever your Future, don't Live in your Past
For when it's all Over, your Presence, - will Last.

Don't be Sad it's all over,
Be Glad that you Shared,
Be Happy you Loved,
Be Happy, you Cared.

©June 2020 Phillip Hennessy

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