Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Peeking Around Corners

You’ll see him peeking around corners, or behind a vending machine
But mostly playing pool or shooting dice, is where he can be seen
He can be very quiet, and hardly make a sound
Or express himself in loudness, wherever he is found
When I first knew him, he seemed very shy
But he’s opened up a lot, as the time passed by
We shared in our love for music, whenever time was there
And exchange cds of the songs, so we could compare

We’d work on jigsaw puzzles, and get many pieces placed together
I found within this young man, a friend that I could treasure
“Oh! Huh?! Oh No! I Don’t Think So!” are words I hear him say
Expressions that he shows in words, nearly every day

Born in Los Angeles, his life’s path took him here
To the Harbor Tower, to meet new friends held dear
An Angel on the airwaves, a good person to know
He carried within him, a very special soul

Deep within him there is a Good hearted man
Who tries his best to do the best he can
If you see this man with a brown “Subway” hoodie
Stop and say hello to him, for he’s a goodie goodie
©May 7, 2010 Bud Lemire
                      Author Note:
This is for my friend who is like a shadow, a clown, and
so much more. Thank you for sharing your uniqueness and
kindness to our lives. May your journey in life bring
you many happy experiences.

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