Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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Thou Shalt Not Judge

How many times a day do we judge? Ourselves, others,Let’s start with ourselves. Thou shalt not judge, is usually applied to other people. Don’t you think it applies to us as well? If others shalt not judge us, then why should we judge we?

We matter first. If we stop judging ourselves, perhaps, just perhaps, we might stop finding something wrong with others. Finding something right is good. That is a good judging..10 points automatically.

I love how she loves animals is being a judge., but it is admired when we give a compliment like that. Now, how bout self?

I hate when I do that! I am fat! I am clutzy! Etc etc. Or, I wish I was more like so and so. (comparing). Right now the media has us judging people we never personally met! Ready to duel with them etc. Why is that? We have an opinion. If our opinion is right for us…today…And someone has the opposite opinion…today. Who is right? Who is wrong? Today. Tomorrow we all might think differently.

Thou shalt not judge!! We can start with ourselves, and work our way to mankind. Remember, we are all connected, judging others would still be judging ourselves. Judith 5/27/20

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