Saturday, August 1, 2020

Riotous Assembly

All you do is Break things,
you burn, you hurt, you Take things
the chaos in your head comes out
and all you do is scream and shout

You reply with Violence
and then you cry for Recompense
when all we had is smashed and broken
hate remains, just left unspoken

We hear the noise, tho not the words
you stand there, in the rubble
and when the dust has settled,
you leave, to seek more trouble

Your Body has addictions,
your Mind don't understand
there's going to be Frictions,
things will get out of hand

There is no Help, where there is Hate
There is no Hope, it's all too Late
Love won't heal a broken mind
Let's get Real, be Good. Be Kind.

©July 27, 2020 Phillip Hennessey

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