Monday, February 1, 2021

Have a Word

 By Phillip Hennessy

Yes, I DO talk to Myself,
have a Word with my Self,
and Yes, I DO go 'round in Circles
we All do it…

It gets called Spoken Word,
when it Rhymes, or got Rhythm
and got Meaning, been Written

Then, it's Poetry
and someOne Reads it,
then Speaks it, out Loud
and if someone Else Listens

Then, it's a Message.
a Vision, for You.
and not just for Me

It doesn't Have to be Clever,
just a few wise words
if someone Else Listens,
and Says it, out Loud
then it gets Repeated,
it becomes a Saying

When a Saying gets a Melody,
it's a Tune, it's a Song
and when Everyone Else
is singing that Song,
the Circle's Complete

The Word is Out,
the Word has Gone
Full Circle.

Have a Word

©January 20, 2021 Phillip Hennessy

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