Monday, February 1, 2021

My Cowboy Hat

By Walt Perryman

I’m not a full time working cowboy or anything like that,
But, I came from the old school you had to earn your hat…
I am not sure why I ever wanted to be a ‘real’ cowboy,
But now I know a cowboy’s life is not all glamor and joy.
I think the first lesson I learned as a cowboy ‘want a be,’
Was when I figured out my horse was smarter than me.
Being a cowboy is not all riding a horse trying to look good.
It’s other stuff like cleaning out stalls and chopping wood.
While I was trying to be a cowboy this was a bummer,
When I had to help pull a calf in the heat of the summer.
Here’s a job that made me sick back then and would now,
That is when I tried to help a real cowboy palpate a cow.
Riding fences is usually a job for any cowboy want to be.
Both times I did it my horse returned home without me.
I once tried to round up cattle during some bad weather,
But they didn’t want to be rounded up or travel together.
I still dream of being a real cowboy like I did back then,
I didn’t stay in the saddle but would if I could do it again.
I have ridden many horses but that was many years ago
I’m sure there is a lot about being a cowboy I don’t know.
I don’t claim to be a working cowboy or anything like that,
I don’t care what anyone says, I will wear my cowboy hat.

©2020 Walt Perryman

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