Wednesday, September 1, 2021

On Trek

By Judith Kroll

We Are

So many times we hear, I am. To Be. We are One. I thought I would break it down so that we can understand what it truly means.

Many of us ARE one with all, but don't realize it.

Let us take an example. We hear a heartwarming story about how a kitten was saved by a dog in a lake. Our reaction is a tell tale sign that we become the cat and the dog, because we might shed tears for that act of love. Our heart melts and we smile and silently send a huge prayer of thanks. We are reacting with our emotions. We can feel the emotions of the kitty, and the doggie. We become one with them in that moment. That is how we know we are connected.

When I pray I include everyone and everything on the planet because I know that we are all connected. We all have the same emotions, senses, flesh and blood. This includes not only people, but everything. Forests, oceans, all the animals sea life . We all need clean air, clean water, love and care.

This is OUR home.

The next time your tear ducts start dripping because they were triggered by your real self, the real you, smile and thank the universe.

A Note from the Universe SM

August 26, 2021
People are awesome, they care about pretty much everything, everyone, always. It's just that they're also so busy believing what they've been told, and therefore manifesting it, that they genuinely haven't noticed that in your gorgeous little planet's entire history, there's never been:
  • A drought that didn't end,
  • A storm that didn't clear,
  • Lightning that didn't retreat,
  • An earthquake that didn't still,
  • A flood that didn't recede, or,
  • A virus that wasn't eventually, completely, and utterly overwhelmed by the healthy.

Now, as a rule, I'm not into odds, statistics, or gambling, but it doesn't take a genius to see that something's going on "down there" the deck is clearly stacked, you've got friends in some very high places, and none of the "hard and mean" stuff was ever true.
Hit me, baby!
The Universe

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