Thursday, February 1, 2024

A Cold January


By Bud Lemire

It's an ice cold January, getting to Ten below
You can freeze your mouth, if you say hello
Dress up warm, don't want you to freeze
You might want to cough, or even sneeze
A little bit of ice, and then there's some snow
Be careful when driving, wherever you go
A very warm coat, is needed today
A scarf, mittens, and chook will be okay

Plan very well, if you do some walking
Below zero temperatures, is what I am talking
Sometimes your car, just won't want to start
Don't let cold weather, keep you and your job apart
Put on your boots, so you won't slip
Otherwise you'll fall, it'll be a quick trip
Then it might be, too hard to get up
You might be ready, for Coffee filled cup

Life as a Yooper, is surviving the cold
Whether you're young, or if you're old
When you are older, it's harder to do
When you are younger, body heat helps you
A snow mobile is fun, to go for a ride
You might see deer, off to the side
Ice Fishing is something, people love to do
Be careful of thin ice, or you will fall through

When the wind comes along, it can freeze you to the bone
It's best to have someone with you, so you aren't alone
When you live as a Yooper, you get use to the weather
Enjoying all the seasons, is what most of us treasure
I remember one time, the roads were like sheets of ice
Drivers were sliding everywhere, it wasn't very nice
I walked to work, and it wasn't easy to do
I made it to my job, but I made it through
Whether it's hot or cold, here in the U. P.
I always find, it's a great place to be
I wouldn't live elsewhere, this is where I want to be
The U.P. Of Michigan, is the best place for me

©Jan 17, 2024 Bud Lemire

                      Author Note:

I talk about how cold it was. Not long after that, the
weather warmed up and the snow melted and we had
rain. But we still have February and March. So we
shall see what weather those months bring.


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