Thursday, February 1, 2024

On Trek


By Judith Kroll

Everyone’s Life is A Story

The second we are born we start our journey into the world. We are labeled Male or Female. Fingerprinted, foot-printed, washed, and finally wrapped in a soft blanket with a hat to match.

Being claustrophobic, stretching would seem delicious! Our life in this world is ours for the taking.

When we choose to come to earth, with our life in the flesh, we all make our own life map. That is why many decide to be good or bad here. We don’t all come to have the same experiences. Each trip I am sure is different.

I had a realistic dream one night. You know Universal Studios, there is a TV show in each building, and each show is made in that same building. What I was shown, is people can come to earth and experience the time of the civil war, or the time of the dinosaurs, etc. It depends on which “building” they choose to experience. There is no time in space.

If we played the piano in one life, but decided to become a fireman in the next life, (if we choose to come back), then we might not even look at a piano., Or there may not be a piano if we chose the stone age.

When we come to earth, we are like players in a video game. We experience different things, always learning, always growing.

There is no death. Our bodies die and we transform back to spirit. Then we remember everything. Again. If we remembered everything, while we were here on earth, what would be the point?

Enjoy the love of the planet, it has so much to offer: people, animals, amazing scenery, and us.

What an honor.
Love Judith, 1/27/24   

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