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By Ara Parisien


Over the years of assisting individuals realize their wildest dreams, I am reminded – over and over again – how easy it all is. You read that right. It’s easy. In fact, manifestation is child’s play.
We learn the ‘words’ very early in life through various children’s songs. The songs are light, airy, happy and fun. We sang them over and over and over. But they were just words, and the meaning of them was quickly squelched by parents, siblings, teachers, etc. We were told the songs were all about pipe dreams, wishing wells, fairy dust and pixies and none of that comes true in the real world. This does not set us up for success.


When you delve into the actual words of these songs it will make you raise an eyebrow. You knew the manifestation formula a long time ago! You just were conditioned not to live it as it does not conform to ‘reality’. I thought it would be fun (key word!) to revisit one song we all recall from our childhood. Let’s take a look at what the song is saying. Let’s play!


When you wish upon a star
Think about this line. When you wish upon a star it is a wistful endeavour. You are proclaiming your deepest desire. You are not wishing for more problems or catastrophes. You are stating the dream you would most love to live
Makes no difference who you are
This speaks to the fact that it works the same for everyone. It doesn’t work for some and not others. The power is in each and every one of us.
Anything your heart desires
ANYTHING! You can have anything you want. Nothing is too big, too grand or too much. If you desire it, you can have it.
Will come to you
This states it WILL come to you. Not maybe. Not sometimes. Not if you are really lucky. It will. It is Universal Law.
If your heart is in your dream
This line is extremely important. You must keep the heart desire alive in your ‘dream’ which is nothing more than your imagination.
No request is too extreme
This emphasizes there is nothing too extreme that can be wished for. Everything is available. This line always makes my heart sing!
When you wish upon a star
Added emphasis upon wishing, dreaming and proclaiming in a positive way.
As dreamers do
This line is all about BEING in the imagination. All day-dreamers are using their imagination. The imagination is powerful. Be a dreamer!
Fate is kind
Fate equals results. Manifestation is ‘inevitable’ if you consistently live your dream in your imagination. It’s kind because it always provides a result, each and every time!
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing

The results are born from a consistent focus on the dream in the imagination coupled with the absolute love and joyfulness of knowing the dream will be realized. Love the process! Powerful!
Like a bolt out of the blue
Manifestations occur when you least expect. When one is focused on the joy of the dream and the process that is when they appear – seemingly out of the blue – that it always takes us by surprise.
Moreover, it is often HOW the manifestations occur that is magical. We could not coordinate all the components necessary to compel the manifestation into being. The Universe CAN in ways you could never imagine in your limited human thought processes. Kind of takes your breath away, doesn’t it!
Fate steps in and sees you through
Results always step in or arrive – inevitably – each and every time.
When you wish upon a star
Your power is unleashed with every wish, every feeling, every time you proclaim your dream.
Your dream comes true
Manifestation is your dream coming true. Each and every time with appropriate focus and love of the entire process.


Manifestations are easy. They are child’s play if we allow them to be.
It all depends on your focus. Ask yourself where your focus goes. Inevitably you will realize results based on that focus. You are doing it all the time whether you like what you are manifesting or not. Perhaps it is time for you to play and become a small child once again and allow your heart’s desire to move from the unseen, where it is patiently waiting, to the seen, which is where they will ultimately tangibly reside.
Life is magic when you do the little things with the right focus. Be a dreamer!


There are so many children’s songs that allude to the formula of manifestation.

How many can you think of and see from this perspective?

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