Sunday, November 1, 2009

Angel Whispers

November in the USA

November in the USA is in preparation of the Thanksgiving holiday that takes place on the fourth Thursday of the month. A lot of preparation goes in the holiday. Menus are planned, baking takes place and you can smell the aroma of apple pie being baked in the oven along with other familiar scents of the holiday. Travel plans are being made to visit family /friends for the four day holiday, whether traveling by car, train or plane. It is a time that families gather near or far, to prepare for this holiday of thanks and to show appreciation of one another also.

Coming from a large family, we meet at my parent’s house on Cape Cod and my siblings and families come from all the over USA to gather there for the weekend. Now we don’t all stay there, but we are in the area. There are a few traditions that we have kept the same since we were children. The food is pretty much traditional fare from that time along with contributions from the different families. My mother provides turkey, the stuffing, and of course the pies, and we bring the rest.

Not everyone is always here because of time, distance and family activities. But pretty much there is at least 30-33 of us together. They start arriving on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the holiday. It is a fun time for all. The day of the holiday, I am driving to the cape with my husband to be there for noon and meanwhile the family already arrived on the cape have been to a Thanksgiving service at my parent’s place of worship. The aroma of turkey cooking is throughout the house and the thanksgiving parade is on the television being watched by the grandchildren. Grandma is making her pancakes for morning brunch to last ‘til the late afternoon turkey dinner.

It is no secret that our family likes Thanksgiving the best. We like it because it’s just a few days that we are able to spend time together without expecting anything in return. This year will be extra special as my Dad turns 80 earlier in the month. So we will celebrate his birthday and also my parent’s anniversary, which is on the28th of the month. This is the time when I feel we are grateful for all that we all have in our lives, for the love of our family and for the uniqueness of each family member. We are thankful for all that God has given to us this past year and for the many blessings that have been bestowed to us throughout the year. Most of all I feel we are thankful that we are together with each other catching up with the latest news of doings with the kids and the adults. Watching the game is a big thing and tuning into the wifi with our lappy’s to catch up what is going on in our worlds. It is just a time to be and to enjoy those that we have a connection with and enjoy being with.

The day after Thanksgiving we repeat the meal of the night before for more leftover turkey and trimmings and dessert. Saturday comes and we start to get back to our lives in traveling to our homes where ever we are. Memories of good food and family chatter stay with us one or two days later and remind us all of how thankful we are to be together when we are able to do so.

In writing of this scene of the holiday at the Cape I am reminded that the angels are truly with us on this weekend and that they have brought us through the times that have been difficult and trying. We were brought up with the angels and we were told about the goodness of our guardian angel. I am glad the angels have been with us through all these times. The angels are with you too and if you don’t think they are, ask them to be with you and see what happens … It may truly delight you. I wish all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA a wonderful holiday.

One last thought. We can all pick a day of thanksgiving and celebrate it with the traditional faire and with the ones we love. And there might be a holiday like this in your country but you don’t really celebrate this holiday, because life gets too busy. Try to pick a day for you and your family and see the many blessings this day will bring for you also. Sometimes I feel everyday should be a day of thanksgiving without the trimmings. Just a simple prayer of thanks to Our God and Source of all.

Wishing you the many blessings of the season.
May the angels be with you and your loved ones always.

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