Thursday, April 1, 2010

Editor's Corner

By Mary E. Adair

April 2010

" I pick my favourite quotations and store them in my mind as ready armour, offensive or defensive, amid the struggle of this turbulent existence."
Robert Burns

Turbulent is a rather mild term for the weather last month threw around the world. Perhaps it is just that with the advanced type of news reporting we are privy to these days we hear more about bad weather, for instance. Also we hear more about accidents, politics, show business wherever it is happening, and underwear for goodness sake! When I was growing up one didn't mention the name of any undergarment in mixed or polite, unmixed company, much less with heightened volume discuss the pros and cons of any and every type of underwear from luxurious to intimate to protective. I've heard more about such subjects than I ever wondered.

One must practice discretion in listening and the nicest button on the remote is the one labeled "Mute." If only there were a button to handle actual comments and discussions one does not wish to hear.

Though April is the month for showers, some areas are getting flooded while others are nigh drought stricken. Our trees and vines are leafing, the bridal wreath abloom, but the bulbs somehow were zapped locally. However, at the store today a grand array of tulips of all colors, from plain to exotic to varigated, and single to fringed cups nodded enticingly at the shoppers. Muting my buying impulse got me past them.

As for personal turbulence, some of you know that my mother Lena May Joslin Carroll passed away March 3d, a couple months shy of her 92d birthday which would have been May 7. Next month there will be a tribute for her, in honor of all mothers. If any of you would like to send in Mother's Day type compositions, whether poetry, story, or article, please do.

Meanwhile for April John I. Blair in "Always Looking" poses some questions, answers a few others, and shares some of his ancestry also. Leo C. Helmer ( " Cookin' With Leo " ) helps get ready for Easter goodies; and Mattie Lennon spins a tale in his column "Irish Eyes" to tickle your ribs.

Thomas F. O'Neill ("Introspective") gives his take on the China Trade agreement from his current location in Suchow. LC Van Savage focuses your attention on the National Anthem and some alternate suggestions for it in "Consider This." In an article, "When I Grow Up I Wanna Be A…" LC tells what various careers she considered from age six onward.

Gerard Meister has a reflective piece in "Thinking Out Loud," which may be a different viewpoint you could use. Peg Jones ("Angel Whispers") drew an excused absence this issue and we look forward to having her back in May.

Bruce Clifford's poetry for April is "Close Your Mind," "Pieces Of Me," "Soaking Up The Sun," "Start All Over Again," and "The Hands of Time."

John I. Blair's poetry is "Davis Street," "Insomnia," "Not Too Bad," "Reference Point," "Bringing Out The Celt In Me," and "Vanished Houses."

"Pusher" comes to us from Connie Anast, now a reverend. She used to do a regular column for us but has many other irons in the fire now. The blog also carries the poem "Playlist" added in March after our issue date by Connie. It is nice to see her in our line up once more.

Thanks to Mike Craner, our webmaster, we also carry the ezine in a new 'blog' format at which allows comments again. We had to forego that priviledge here at because of spamming abuse. Pencil Stubs Online is also on FaceBook and you can become a fan by going to this url

or click on it from the sidebar if you are at the blog version.

Looking forward to seeing you in May!

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