Thursday, April 1, 2010


Little blue pills cause all sorts of problems
Blue and white, blue and white
30, 60, 90
blue and white pills

I feel sick to my stomach
but don't worry, Nicole says
it will go away soon.
I don't feel like myself
but don't worry, Nicole says
you'll feel better soon.

Getting the shakes
when I try to come off of them
don't do that, Nicole says
you need to stay on the

blue and white pills

Hassle to get
Hassle to keep
they take all my money
and hand me a little bag of
blue and white pills

$50, $100, $160
Did you take your blue and white pill today?
Of course I did, I lied
I can tell if you don't, she says
you're not yourself

Not myself on them, not myself off them

I don't want to strangle on a rope made of
blue and white pills
Does it ever get any easier?

©2010  Connie A. Anast
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Rev. Connie A. Anast
845 Whitemaple Way | SLC, UT 84106
Awarded Best of 2009 Utah Wedding Minister!

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