Sunday, August 1, 2010

Angel Whispers

The Good Old Summertime

The summers of my childhood were filled with Girl Scout camp, day trips with my family to the beach or to favorite places my family use to enjoy visiting. We would play cards on the front the porch for
We would go swimming at the pond and spend hours in the water. Go for bike rides to places far away and come back on the same day. We would go to Boston to see the Red Sox play or go shopping there for the day. Summer was a time of letting your hair down yet growing up in so many ways. Summer was a time of being out in the great outdoors 9-10 hours a day enjoying all that nature has for us.

We all have memories of our summers as children. Can you think back to when you were a child and how you spent your summers? As the years go by, I have found it to be a lot of fun to just reminisce the days of our youth. To be able to tell our story to the younger members of our family and to help them to understand that time of long ago. They have their own stories of their times too, but they also have the rich history of the older members of their family. Questions about our youth access the rich history of the older members of their family. The fact that they ask questions about our youth is interesting to me. I am finding that many of the younger members of our family are repeating activities we did as children and it seems like yesterday when siblings and I took part in these activities. Yet time has passed by and traditions have been built over the years.

Time is marching by and the memories are so alive. It is such a pleasure to watch the growth of the younger generations blossom and start to flourish in their own special ways. They are not quite sure of their future yet; knowing that they have a lot to look forward to in their life. For me, I feel so lucky in knowing these young adults. It is all good and I wish them the best and hope that they can live life to the fullest. I know they will do that because of whom they are and where they came from.

We all experience in our own ways our own families. I also know that many people have memories that are painful and don’t wish to remember or speak about. But I feel that it all has to do with the emphasis in which we place on our past and how we decide to think about that time. We may have had times that were awful and we decide that that is what we are going think of -- that time in our lives -- and blame others for what happened a long time ago. We may try to heal the pain through self-healing or outside sources. Through forgiveness and self-healing, if we put those feelings away, we can move beyond that time. Doing this, we will grow and we will flourish beyond our wildest expectation. Our angels can help us with this because they love us and because they want to see us happily fulfilled in our lives.

Another thing that I feel directed to speak about is that sometimes our darkest moments are the moments where we have had the most growth. It is like that difficult experience helped us to understand so much more in our life about ourselves. Living life to the fullest is what we are here for. To learn the lessons we need to learn and to go beyond these lessons will help us to be the best person. We truly are meant to be continually learning, throughout our life. It has taken me a long time to learn that lessons are a part of life.

Life is what you make of it and we all have choices to decide how we view our lives. Is the glass half-full or half empty? To me it seems that it all depends on how we choose to be at that particular moment and moving towards the positive consistently. Please enjoy the rest of your summer with memories that will always stay with you. God Bless.

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