Sunday, August 1, 2010

In My Heart

You must have taken my heart when I was least expecting you
Now you are the only one who makes me feel the way I do
I can almost pinpoint that moment when love took control over me
As soon as I looked into your eyes I knew it was destiny

I wish I could stop this rage in my heart since you're with someone else
I so enjoy your company, but the way I feel about you I could never tell
Sometimes I think it's the universe that will let this all fall in to place
I've never felt a love like this nor have I seen such a beautiful face

I know it's love because I cry when you hurt
When I awake in the morning you are the first thing on my mind
I get nervous and happy when you are on the other line
I know it's love, because I think about you all the time

You left such an impression on me so many years ago
Now we are the best of friends, but you don't know how I love you so
I could never do anything to hurt you in any way
The best I can do is be your friend, but it's so hard to just walk away

©6/12/2010 Bruce Clifford

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