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Editor's Corner

January 2011

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot -Unknown

A New Year holds so much promise that we sometimes don't think that part of the promise is built upon the foundation of all that has gone before, experiences and friendships and always family. So no, never forget the "Auld Acquaintances." Our LC Van Savage celebrates her birth with the birth of the year annually, and that is a nice way to begin the season! However the year did get off to a rocky start with wild weather globally: Flooding in Queensland, drenching rains and mudslides in California, tornadoes in Missouri and Arkansas, and even threatening nearby states. Should we look on this as a wake-up call, and get our act together. Not just making resolutions, but planning for our future with the best safeguards we can provide?

Such looking ahead is an "Endless Trail," as suggested by John I. Blair in the poem by that name. Bruce Clifford says "I Can't Forget," and his other poem this issue is "Remembering," so we aren't the only ones in a reflective mood. Blair's other poems for January including more reminiscing are: "1642 South Washington," "Puddle-Seeking Plymouth," and "Looking For The Horse Thief." The next two, also by Blair, are more subtle: the bird lover in him makes "Canada Geese" a tone poem, while "Sensation" explores living in the moment awareness.

Awareness is what spurred Mike's blog, which can be read here: "My Christmas Bonus." Of course if you are reading this on our blog which is the dot net version (the ezine is the dot com version) you can simply click it on the sidebar.

Thomas F. O'Neill in his column "Introspective," is elated to announce that one of his mentors he worked with personally, Mother Teresa will receive special recognition. Mattie Lennon with "Irish Eyes" lets us in on the fact that his retirement is nigh. Congrats, Mattie.

The article by LC Van Savage on "Teachers and Heroes" is also about remembering, while her column "Consider This" delivers her promised truth about Snow White. Gerard Meister shares some insight on 'mothering' in a poignant manner in "Thinking Out Loud."  The Mail Bag features the letter from the Titans unit Commander, Cpt. Tim Heisler, who happens to be Leo C. Helmer's grandson. Two of Tim's sisters and his younger brother are also serving militarily as National Guard and Army Reserve. And yes, Grandpa has pictures to show.

The story "Doll Hands" will wake you up, and you'll likely recall it for awhile. It is by Bruce Clifford's collegiate daughter Brooke who graced our pages while still in High School. Speaking of stories, the continuing one, "Rabbo Tales," adds Chapter 6, part 1 bears the title "Full Moon," and our rabbit is growing up fast.

"Cookin' With Leo" by Leo C. Helmer brings us "Aztec Annie's Superbowl Coffee," and Eric Shackle gives us the low-down and where to on "Willie Wonky's Amazing Chocolate" in his column, so we have delightful snacking info. "Always Looking" John I. Blair's column and "Angel Whispers" by Peg Jones, are on vacation for January.

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See you in February for the first issue of the new volume!

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