Sunday, May 1, 2011

In The Clouds

By Denise Sebastian

As she sat in her bedroom wondering what life was going to bring her next the thought of him crossed her mind. She had a secret.

This secret consisted of a man that filled her life with joy, but if she said anything he would disappear. She didn’t want that. He was her life, her love that made her whole. The problem was he was not of this world.

She had fallen in love with someone that only appeared in her dreams. The first time she saw him she was dealing with a lot of life transformations and couldn’t seem to pull herself together. He would talk to her and listen when she needed him too. She enjoyed the way he made her feel; desired.

She felt safe entwined within him. She knew she was a hopeless romantic, but it did the trick. When they were together nothing else existed. They went where they wanted to did what they wanted to; within her dreams.

He was tall and handsome. He had long wavy dark hair that cascaded beyond his shoulders. His eyes were a deep sapphire blue. And when he spoke it was like music she had never heard. He was everything she could have ever imagined. It seemed like he could not exist, yet here he was. When she woke from her dreams she could smell him as if he were there. She felt his touch even after she awoke. How could that not be real? How could this just be a dream? It just did not make sense to her.

Her only desire in the world was to stay with him all the time. He told her that this could not happen and if she told anyone about their adventures he would disappear forever. This scared her beyond feelings. She couldn’t lose him she would die inside.

It was night once again and she couldn’t wait to get to sleep. It had been a long day at work and everything was buttoned down for the night. As she began to doze the phone rang. She got up and answered the call, it was her mother. Her mom was worried because she knew her daughter had been going through a lot of stress and wanted to make sure she was ok. She carefully rushed her mom off the phone and went back to bed to begin her adventure.

She began to doze off. She was wondering where her mind would take them next. She was on the top of a mountain looking out over the ocean on the right and a velvet green valley on her left. It was so breathe taking that she almost forgot why she was there. She looked around and he was standing next to a tall pine tree. He was leaning on it holding it up and if he left the tree would fall down. She giggled to herself at the thought.

He was wearing a blue pair of jeans that were snug in all the right areas. He had a blue dress shirt half tucked in and unbuttoned half way down. You could see his chest ripple out from under the shirt. His hair draped just down the side so it hung just over his shoulder. As he looked at her she was breathless. Once she looked into his deep blue eyes it felt as if she was floating.

He began walking to her and as they met he took her into his arms and put his lips to hers. He began to kiss her as if there was no tomorrow. It was soft yet with enough force that she knew how he desired her. He pulled her deep into him as if he wanted her within his every being. She began to lose her footing, but he had her. She embraced him and knew she was where she wanted to be.

They began exploring the forest and surrounding pathways. The sun was almost down and the fog or clouds begun rolling in just below them. She couldn’t imagine anywhere else she wanted to be. She felt that her dreams and fantasies were coming true. He gazed at her and asked if she had ever walked on the clouds. She laughed and responded, “No”. It was not possible to walk on the clouds. He told her that anything was possible.

He took her hand and led her towards the clouds. On the horizon the sun began its decent to bed and below the ocean played its music.

She was terrified she would fall. He told her to trust him he would never let her fall. She closed her eyes and thought, “Put all worldly thoughts away and be with him, trust him with her life.” She held his hand as tight as she could and took the first step.

She did not fall. She felt light as a feather. Yet, she could feel her stomach rise to her throat from fear. Every step she took that fear began to diminish. They walked out to the end of the cloud where they could see the sun’s reds and pinks as it was setting. The ocean was swirls of purple, blue and white below them.

He gazed into her deep green eyes and reached down to kiss her. Her lips were soft and tender. She was all he required. He wanted to have her outside of this dream realm, but he couldn’t. She didn’t know it but he was her creation. She was making him real by believing in him as strongly as she did. He felt as real as she was. He had feelings, fears and desires. His yearning right now was her. She made him feel whole.

As he pulled her close she began to moan her approval. She wanted him to take her into him. The passion began to grow as his hands moved down her back gently sending a tingling sensation from her head to her toes. She grabbed his arms as they lay down in the clouds. She reached up to caress his face. He leaned into her hand. She felt this was the most perfect moment of ecstasy.

All of a sudden she heard it in the distance, an alarm was going off. No, she didn’t want this to end. Her fantasies were coming true. She looked up and his face began to fade. “NO!” she screamed as she awoke in bed tears rolling down her cheek.

He was gone!

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