Sunday, May 1, 2011

Open the Eyes of Your Heart

By Joanne Sprott

Open the eyes of your heart.
You will see the truth in everyone,
The angel disguised in flesh and bone,
The shining saint cloaked in fear, alone.

Open the eyes of your heart,
And fall into the darkened mirror.
Meet your soul at the crossroads of life,
Give her a kiss for me, in starlight.

Open the eyes of your heart.
Gaze in wonder on the roses of love
That bloom in the garden of your delight.
Their sweet scent blows away the fear
In a dancing cloud of sun-pollen bright.

Open the eyes of your heart.
And all those around you will marvel
At the golden one that shines anew,
The saint uncloaked, the angel revealed,
The illuminated power of You.

©1999 Joanne Sprott
Previously published in her blogspot

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