Sunday, May 1, 2011

Texas Fires

By Mary E. Adair

The wind is the culprit
The announcer said
But he failed to mention
Why everything's dead

Dried up because of lack of rain
Not even a good dew
And the brush is like tinder waiting
For a spark or two

Lightning can start what soon
Becomes a blaze
And the firefighters will be after it
For several days

For the firetrucks and firemen
Form a congregation
Whenever, wherever conditions foretell
Such a conflagration

And though the work's dangerous
As many have found
They swear allegiance to fellow fighters
'Til they're beneath the ground

And it takes such bravery
When the fires spread wide
Moving so rapidly sometimes
Even rabbits can't hide

Burning all in their path
Of heavy smoke and flame
And believe me when I say
The wind's not only to blame

For the rancher won't plow
As loosened dirt will fly away
And they're not allowed controlled
Burns on their property they say

So once again regulations made
By those not in the know
Lack of common sense is why
We see burned areas grow

OK, I'll admit the wind does its
Part of sending the fire along
But lack of prevention should be
The name of this sad song.

©4-20-2011 Mary E. Adair

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  1. Indeed. Even down here in the so-called humid southeast of Texas, we parch.