Sunday, January 1, 2012

Angel Whispers

By Peg Jones

Angel Message for 2012

I have asked the angels to share a message for our new year coming up. I have felt that they have something for us, that they would like to share with us.

They say that they have 5 points they would like to share with us. The points have to do with how to survive this next year without panic in anyway. They say that the hype of all that is to happen this next year, 2012, have made some people quite nervous. They want to assure us that all is going to be fine and that our journeys will still be in process.

  • 1. The angels want to remind us that we are Children of God. That life is precious and that God is with us always, even when we don’t feel his presence. They also say that each of us were made his image and we too can co create, what we want in our life. He will help us to grow to be the best we can be, because he will always love us.
  • 2. The angels say that there will be an out pouring of love in the world. That the world will become more cohesive in many ways. We see this already in the demonstrating that has been happening. The common man wants more equality for all living in the world, not for just a few. The issues with the world economy will be highlighted for all to be concerned with and there will be more demonstrations because of the way the 99% is being treated worldwide
  • 3. There will be new thinking on what the purpose of our lives, is all about. But then they say, not so much as new thinking, but a clearer understanding worldwide what this purpose is for us as individuals. There will be more of a conscious effort in thinking how our individual contribution affects the masses. There will also be more service to those not sure what is happening on a global level. Books and articles will be written in explaining what is happening. There will be more global projects occurring to include all, rather than a few.
  • 4. The internet will play a big part of bringing communication on a global level. This already happening, but we will see so much more of this, in the coming year of 2012. The internet will help to close some rather large gaps of communication around the world. The internet has already brought people from around the world together. Who would have dreamed this happening twenty years ago?
  • 5. The younger generations of the world will have a much bigger voice of their place in the world. They have started to already express what is truly on their minds, concerning the environment, the equality of all jobs, the 99% vs the 1%, and the world economy, are some of their concerns. The angels tell me their voices will help the world to become more aware of all that is happening and how it will affect them in the coming years.

The angels remind us that most of these pointers have been put in place in the last few years. They say that we will truly feel these pointers a bit more intensely this next year of 2012. The angels encourage us to continue on our desired path and that will be with us to help us complete our vision we have for ourselves and for our loved ones.
By Peg Jones, ALC

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