Sunday, January 1, 2012

Half Past Dead

By M. Jay Mansfield

Half past dead
Couldn’t be any weaker if you opened my veins
Half past dead
This evil thought keeps routing my brain

Every time I think it’s gone
It stands up and kicks in the door
This painful thing
I scream I can’t take any more

Half past dead
Why must all of them fall
Half past dead
This sweet noise isn’t Satan’s call

I fight it down
The screams seem to bubble up in my mouth
I know I’ve been found
I throw –up bile and sweet curses flow forth

I’m Half past dead
No I couldn’t just fall
Half past dead
I’ll come for them all

My thoughts calm down
The rage subsides leaving a dangerous mind
In the air, not a single sound
From the crypt I creep knowing it’s my time

©6-22-11 MJMansfield
LOL...with the AC broke this is how I feel right now...

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